Haier Energy-saving Air Conditioning Shining in Canton Fair

2017-04-17 11:35:00 source: China net

On April 15th, the 121st China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou. Haier air conditioning exhibited the series products of Super Match, MRV and Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, which received the world’s attention and became the negotiation focus with such advantages as high efficiency, strong adaptation, and stable operation.

Building energy saving transformation as rigid demand

In recent years, green development has gradually become a global action, and building energy saving has become an important part of it. Datas show that building energy consumption has accounted for 40% of total energy consumption. In addition, in the transformation process, the original design pattern has been destroyed and the original pipeline has been completely abandoned, which increases the cost of transformation.

50% energy saving boosts the global building energy saving transformation

With core products of magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers and MRV, Haier CAC products can achieve 50% energy saving at the maximum. In the Refrigeration Exhibition that just ended, Haier launched the world’s largest magnetic chiller of 4200 tons and unmanned central air conditioning, which set an energy saving record once again.

Make personalized solutions for users

Both the magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller which is widely used in the building energy saving transformation and the home use Super Match and MRV(VRF) can adopt module combination. Take the exhibited wireless connected MRV V as an example, the single module 26HP can achieve 104HP through free combination of modules, which can greatly save installation space and reduce the cost of energy saving transformation.

Green environmental protection favored by foreign customers

Haier Super match first adopts R32 refrigerant, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 70%. All combinations of its new series have reached the highest industry standard A++ efficiency, fully meeting the building energy saving standard of Australia, Europe and other developed countries and regions.

In the face of air conditioning market with increasingly fierce competition, Haier central air conditioning not only gains praise from users but also gets sure of market share through iterative innovation of products.