Over 25000 enterprises participated in Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair: Haier highlighted its high-end innovation.

2017-10-16 13:35:00 source: China net

The 122nd China Import and Export Fair (Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair) opened in Guangzhou on October 15th and more than twenty five thousand enterprises showed their unique skills again. One of the world's top brands of home appliances, Haier collectively displayed the refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other high-end home appliances, and attracted the visitors all over the world. The statistics data of January to August 2017 shows that the export in household appliances industry grew by 10% compared to the same period, while Haier export grew by 22% with its "high-end" and "innovation", i.e. more than 2 times of the industry, surely ranked first in the industry.
In slow growth or even decline of the overall export growth of the industry, why can Haier still keep a high growth rate? The reporter found "clues" on site of Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair.

No high-end, no release: Average price of world class new products is more than RMB 20000 Yuan.
The journalist realized that Haier pavilion released a variety of world-class high-end products on 15-17 October, and the average price of these products was more than RMB 20000 Yuan. F+ free - built - in refrigerator, Xianjian washing machine, Yunding air conditioner and other "Star products" were displayed and became the focus of media in many countries.
"Haier products have been sold very well in our country. Functions and external appearance have been deeply loved by users. Such products also break our previous perception on Chinese products and Chinese brands. It can be said that Haier let us recognize 'Made in China' again." as Mr. Baptiste said excitedly, a buyer from France in front of Haier Pavilion at 3.2B Hall in A district. Not only Mr. Baptiste, the buyers from all over the world were hurry to make orders with Haier.
It can be seen that foreign users’ impression on Chinese brands is being changed by the global brands represented by Haier. From the beginning of “high quality at low price” to "No high-end, no release" now, Haier has completed the transformation from the world's first white appliance brand" to "The world's No.1 brand of complete home appliances" and has been recognized by the users of more than 160 countries and regions in the world. 30 years China Import and Export Fair witnessed the change of China's export trends and showed an outstanding development result of Chinese industries.

World class innovation label: Haier lets the world recognize "China brand" again.
Different from previous China Import and Export Fair, Haier pavilion in this year was more like a "release conference" site, almost every product had global initiative or "unique" technology: The world's first refrigerator, which can precisely control wet and dry storage areas, and has oxygen controlled fresh-keeping technology; The world's first "one machine, two barrels" washing machine, which can identify automatically the fabric and color of clothing and can select automatically the washing program according to clothing; The world's first air conditioner with cooling and cleaning functions…. The foreign customers could not experience all of these technologies of the products.
Let's see the market benefits of the world' top technologies by a set of data: In January to August 2017, Haier refrigerator export was increased by 54%, more than 4 times of the industry, ranked first; In January to August, Haier washing machine export was increased by 29%, 9 times more than the industry, ranked first; In January to August, Haier electric water heater export was increased by 13% compared to the same period, gas water heater was increased by 2%, solar energy water heater was increased by 21%; Haier's self-cleaning air conditioners were exported to 20 countries and intelligent air conditioner export was increased by 2 times. The export growth in several industries exceeded the industry by several times, realized "overall leading".

These countless world top technologies come from the user centered global ecological system which is the foundation of the continuous birth of innovation technologies.
Kumagaya Japan, New Zealand, Nuremberg Germany, Queretaro Mexico, Seoul South Korea, Camden America, Bangalore India and other cities in the world all become Haier's overseas bases, i.e. 10 R & D centers. Haier set up 24 industrial parks and 108 factories in the world. The overseas production capacity reached 20 million units. It is worth noting that the excellent export data is only the tip of the iceberg of Haier's globalization strategy.

Representing the voice of China: “From difficulty to easy" represents the highest standards of globalization.

With the rapid development of domestic household electrical appliance enterprises, the product export is not new. According to “Current Situation and Prospect Report of Home Appliance Industry" issued by KEA on 5th October, there are as many as 423.18 million products made in China, accounting for 56.2% of total products in the world. In the list of top 10 electrical appliances, all of them have certain overseas market shares, but most household electrical appliance enterprises are still difficult to cross this threshold, i.e. "taking root and growing" really on the global platform as the highest standard product on behalf of China.
Compared with the majority of other enterprises for exporting "Made in China", Haier set up globally "Made in World" banner and is leading the rise of Chinese enterprises on the global stage.

By investigating the root causes, domestic electrical appliance enterprises usually export products first to India, Vietnam, Brazil and other developing countries. This “from easy to difficult" strategy losses opportunities to take root in globalization. However, Haier started "from difficulty to easy" road of globalization by setting up the factory first in the United States in 1999, then had successive acquisitions of SANYO household appliances, New Zealand’s "national treasure" Fisher&Paykel, American appliance giant GE Appliances. Haier’s "sailing fleet" starts at “Origin point" from the United States, Europe and other developed countries, then stands at the high point to export continually the self-owned brands representing the image of China to every corner of the world.
It is no doubt that Haier's globalization strategy is a successful sample of overseas development of Chinese enterprises. 125 people in the world become Haier’s users every minute; Haier large household appliances rank first for successive eight years; …. These are just one part of Haier's global layout, but it is a bright spot in the global rise of China's industrial system. Haier not only refreshes the global users' perception on "Made in China", but also builds a supporting platform for Chinese enterprises to go to the world in the globalization process of “from difficult to easy".

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