12 medals in 5 years:Haier ranks No. 1 on the list of Canton Fair’s Fifth Anniversary Innovative Enterprises

2017-10-17 13:35:00 source: China net

On October 15th, 2017 "Export Product Design Award" (or "CF Award" for short) Ceremony was held on the 122nd session of Canton Fair. Today, "CF" Award provides "the Fifth Anniversary Innovative Enterprises Award" especially for top enterprises with the most award quantity and quality in five years. However, Haier ranks No. 1 among 20 enterprises listed on "the Fifth Anniversary Innovative Enterprises Award" for 12 medals in 5 years with award quantity and quality far more than other enterprises, thus emerging as the most innovative enterprise on the history of CF Award. As a result, ZHANG Qingfu, vice president of Haier Overseas Electronics Co., Ltd accepted the award on behalf of Haier Group.
Haier wins the award with "double first" in quantity and quality
Since 2013, Canton Fair has held a selection activity for "CF Award" annually to promote the transformation of development mode for foreign trade in China and constantly improve research and innovation capacity of enterprises. CF Award represents not only the highest level of industrial design in China to some extent, but also the most influential and valuable export product award for foreign trade in China. Furthermore, the special "Fifth Anniversary Innovative Enterprises Award" was established this year to sincerely appreciate the research and innovation capability of enterprises and their contribution to innovations.
In 2014, Casarte Langdu Refrigerator with the largest capacity of 810L in China could preserve the increasingly sophisticated and complicated daily items based on classification; in 2015, Haier Air Purifier emerged as a standard product for a smart leader of air appliances and "double standard" of indoor air quality in China based on the innovative idea of modularized customization; in 2016, Haier Twin-tub No-clean Washing Machine might meet the requirement of separate washing for adult and children clothes with "double tubes in one machine". Besides, Haier would show its original invention products to the world through Canton Fair annually.
Compared with the honor brought by CF Award, the original innovation and user experience from Haier innovative products deserve more appreciations. Through the demonstration platform of Canton Fair, Haier can not only demonstrate the frontier creative products innovated by China to the world, but also contribute a new idea to industrial design and create a benchmark for original innovation in China. During the exploration for innovation mode, Haier would help more Chinese enterprises to go out and stand at the center of world stage, catching up with the world top innovation standard on behalf of China. This is also the original intention to establish CF Award.
Haier ranks No.1 for CF Award to be supported by global innovation
There must be a set of subversive product creation systems behind frequent introduction of original products. At this point, Haier intends to mobilize global wisdom. Specifically, Haier has built an open innovation platform HOPE to connect global resources, turning the traditional waterfall research mode into an open innovation mode integrating online and offline resources. Therefore, global users may propose their real demands from zero distance and deliver the most authentic user demands to the design and development end under the ternary interactor matrix mode, thus solving the difficulty and problems quickly and accurately.
In addition, quick and full access to global research and development resources is another "secrete" for Haier Group to continuously innovate products and obtain CF Award. Since Haier has established 10 global development centers in China, America, Asia, Europe and Australia, a network around the world can be formed. Based on the globalized "network", the development centers of Haier Group can conduct parallel and cooperative operation to develop a disruptive technology meeting user demands to the greatest extent, providing the best solutions for users and creating an innovation ecology for frequent introduction of original products.
Based on these advantages, a number of innovative technologies were generated on the open, innovative and interactive platform of Haier Group. For instance, solid state refrigerator cabinet without compressor introduced by Haier Group has subverted the industry by removing the "heart" of wine cabinet through the pioneered solid state refrigeration technology with no moving parts of the whole machine; Haier introduced the "quietest" washing machine equipped with Fisher & Paykel direct drive motor to change the industrial pattern of global washing machines; the intelligent constant temperature technology developed by Haier Asia Research Center and Qingdao Research Center has been verified by German VDE. With the participation of global users and researchers, Haier has constantly refreshed world recognition toward Chinese brand with innovative products.
In the era of Internet, home appliance industry has competed from pure technology to user ecology and innovation system, for which only the enterprise meeting user demand can excel. During the process, Haier has not only established an open interactive platform globally to capture user demands, but also introduce a disruptive and innovative product that leads the industry based on the open innovation platform. In addition, Haier obtained 12 medals from Canton Fair’s "Fifth Anniversary Innovative Enterprises Award" in 5 years, which also confirmed the global innovation capability and ecological system of Haier Group.


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