If a washing machine works quietly,
What will you do when it is in operation?
Will you play chess with families, read books, or entertain the pet?

Equipped with the world's leading direct motion motor, Haier washing machine is providing European families with a quiet laundry experience!

European Perspective: Haier Direct-drive Washing Machine Is Invited to User’s Home

Roaring noise, damage to clothes and multiple bacterial... Almost every European family has such troubles with laundry. However, Haier direct-drive washing machine is addressing such problems by providing quiet, antibacterial and steam-washing experience that is favored by European users. As a result, Haier direct-drive washing machine is increasingly “invited” to the user's home.

From March 7, Haier Japan will update one episode of the novel and interesting“Home Appliance in Love” videos everyday for a month. Uchida Aya, cast of “Love Live!” and Natsuki Hanae, cast of Kaneki Ken in the Japanese animation Tokyo Ghoul will cast for various home appliances in the videos that are familiar to customers, including refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, rice cooker and vacuum, and interact with the five users in the stories, displaying daily scenes that are sweet and funny.

Last September, at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany, Haier Washing Machine announced that it would promote nine new direct-drive products in such European established industrial powers as Britain, Germany and France, targeting at the mid to high-end market, and thus opening the era of direct-drive washing machine in the world .

The brand strength of Haier has also been recognized by European media. Many well-known TV programs, such as Das PerfektDinner in Germany and L’amour estdans le Pré in France have showed their support to Haier.

Three Technologies Help to Create A Perfect Experience

As the leader of the industry to realize disruptive innovation, the washing machine in the video, which is in quiet operation, depends on the three major technologies owned by Haier.

Innovative technology I: direct motion motor displaces the belt. By eliminating the drive belt in traditional washing machine, this technology allows the motor to directly drive the drum, which effectively reduces the vibration and unnecessary energy consumption of the washing machine. While keeping the noise at 67 dB, it also reduces the energy consumption by 50%.

Innovative technology II: "Steam Function". With this function, the steam helps to fully unfold the fibers of clothes, allowing the detergent to completely infiltrate every detail of the clothes, which greatly improves the efficiency of laundry.

Innovative technology III: "ABT® Antibacterial" module. In order to avoid the health threat posed by bacteria in the washing machine, Haier has installed “ABT® Antibacterial” module for all washing machines. According to an independent testing and certifcation institute from Germany, ABT® function can effectively kill 99.8% of pathogenic bacteria .

10 Million Families Use It! Global Platform for Transnational Collaboration

At present, Haier Washing Machines has five R&D bases in the world. With the American safety standards, European balance technologies, Japanese clean technologies, Australian direct motion motor and washing technologies for high-end clothes in China, Haier washing machine has gained strong support to lead the innovation. Among them, the direct-drive technology is the result of the cooperation between Haier and Fisher&Paykel based on users’ need.

According to statistics, 10 million families are uesing the Haier direct-drive washing machine around the world. It not only takes leading position in the domestic high-end market, but also makes its presence in many mainstream countries in Europe, which could create the market value as high as 40 billion .

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