On April 15th, during the 123rd Spring Canton Fair, Haier released the world's first household shoe-washing machine to create a new category of footwear care and protection. The industry's first stereo type spraying technology was created, which not only subverted the damage caused by the traditional brushing, but also provided a more convenient and carefree washing experience for users.

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The Global Original Technology Creating A New Category of Footwear Care and Protection

As we all know, there are three methods of cleaning shoes. One is hand-washing, which uses a variety of brushes and is also difficult to clean and time-consuming and laborious; the second method is to throw into the washing machine, which is not only cross-infection with clothes, but also damage the shoes and washing is not clean. The last is to choose the washing store cleaned with other people's shoes, but the traditional commercial shoe-washing machine is brush-cleaned, especially in the face of high-end footwear care. Usually,manual cleaning is still its first choice.

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Haier shoe-washing machine solves this problem very well. The world's first water flow stereo type spraying technology uses high-pressure water flow to wash shoes. The water flow can penetrate the fiber inside to remove deeper dirt and avoid the damage which achieves double effect of cleansing and care.

Relating to the Needs of Users Winning the Global Praise

“In the U.S. market, we have shoe racks in our washing machine which can also wash our shoes but expensive. The position of roller washing machine is relatively low as Americans are generally taller. It is necessary to bend over, which is very inconvenient. In comparison, the shoe-washing sector makes the washing machine taller, allows users to do laundry without bending. I think the product is very good and the design is ingenious,” said Albert, an American customer on the spot. ”

At the same time, Albert put forward his own proposal to the shoe-washing machine: increasing the capacity so you can wash two to three pairs of shoes at a time, and the washing time is shortened, the product will be more attractive.

As for the Haier washing products, Albert also gave a high rating: "Haier's products are well-made. Haier washing machines are doing very good which makes me impressed, whose interior and exterior design are very good .

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Whole-set Solution of Cleaning and Protecting Leading A New Trend

At the exhibition site, many visitors questioned whether the product will take up the space. Haier related personnel explained that this household shoe-washing machine adopts a drawer design, which can be combined with a washing machine or a clothes dryer, so it does not occupy space separately, and it can realize partition washing, simultaneous washing, and time-sharing washing, which brings better whole-set care solution.

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In the past 12 years in exploring “RenDanHeYi” model,Haier washing machine has been relying on the 10+N R&D model to integrate global quality resources to meet the diverse needs of users. The launch of the world's first household shoe-washing machine once again leads a new trend in the field of shoe-washing and provides useful reference for enterprises who develops in this field.

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