The Canton Fair, which is known as “China's first exhibition” is opening! On April 15, the 123rd China Import and Export Fair officially opened, and 25,000 companies from more than 40 countries and regions competed on the same stage.

Haier, the first eco-brand of the smart home brought a series of high-end appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioning, as well as the world’s first full-scene customized smart solutions. Let's take a look at “Haier’s plan” from three keywords which make the foreigners frequently thumbs up!

Keyword NO.1: Original Science and Technology

When entering the area of Haier’s exhibition, a wonderful experiment is being performed - a closed glass room is filled with smog, and the light beam can be clearly seen when the light passes through the smog. A few minutes after the air conditioner was turned on, the beam was magically “swallowed”.

Behind that is the independently innovated space capsule cleaning system of Haier's “Jingjie” self-cleaning AC featuring the "AC+purifier" function. With only 15min, it can purify the air of the entire room, which is the only case in the global home appliance industry.

Besides, at Haier's booth, we saw many other world leading disruptive technologies. Products carrying original technologies, including the fast direct drive washing machine that leads the industry by two generations.

The new generation of vertical electric-shock-free water heater, equipped with a whole new generation of the Electric-Shock-Free technology and high temperature antibacterial function.

Dry braising-proof cooker that automatically detects the temperature of the bottom of the pot, and non-compressor wine closet, all attracted numerous distributor's to come and experience.

“Haier's products have been selling well in our country, and such products have also broken our previous understanding of Chinese products and Chinese brands”, a French purchaser told reporters. One point should be affirmed,the “Global Impressions” of Chinese brands is being changed by global brands represented by Haier.

Keyword NO.2: High-end Transition

Haier initiated the “Purchasing Rush” at the Canton Fair. In the world, cases of Haier's high-end layout can be seen everywhere.

In Europe, the sales of Haier refrigerator of high-end products in 2017 increased by 50% year-on-year, which is the fastest growth rate in the industry, among them, T-door refrigerators have the largest market share.

In Japan, Haier IoT commercial washing machines continue to maintain the status of the market NO.1, and the annual revenue growth in 2017 exceeded 32%.

In Russia, Haier water heater’s market share in 2017 accounted for 6%, ranking first in China’s own brands.

In the United States, the business of GEA kitchen appliances ranks at top with 28% market share.

In New Zealand, Haier has the largest share of freezers (above 300L)...

Haier is using a high-end innovative product with the "Haier" trademark to enter the global high-end market.

Keyword No.3: Eco-brand

In the era of IoT, with "RenDanHeYi" as the guide, Haier sets up a user-centric eco-system, and creates the No.1 smart home eco-brand.

Based on this, Haier launched the world's first full-scene customization smart life. In this scenario, users no longer just buy equipment, but experience N types of customized intelligent life scene.

At this year's Canton Fair, Haier also upgraded from “brand leading” to “ecological leading”, not only becoming the industry “unicorn” with the advantage of the first eco-brand of the smart home, but also opening the era of ecological intelligence in the global smart home industry.

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