"The barometer and wind vane of China's foreign trade" - Canton Fair will open soon. This year, Haier, who has participated in the exhibition for 31 consecutive years, will showcase four "magic weapons" to give a global overview of the transformation of Chinese brands. Now let's preview the Haier's four major highlights in the Canton Fair in advance!

01 Smart Home

We appreciate not the single products, but whole set of full-scene customized smart solutions.

After the debut in the 2018 AWE eve, the Haier industry's first whole-set smart solution will be presented to the world in the Canton Fair! As a result, Haier resolves the four major problems that smart home is facing around the world: difficult interconnect, non-initiative, products separated and service fragmented, allowing the world to witness the first eco-branded achievement of Haier's smart home. Guests can experience the interconnection and livelihood scenes such as refrigerator linkage cookers and smart speakers controlling air conditioners.

Before 2018 AWE, Haier released exclusive “4+7+N” whole-set smart solution▼

02 High-end Layout

Not only pursue the products to "go out", but "go upward" of independently created the global prime products.

In the past 61 years, the Canton Fair witnessed the transformation and upgrading of “Made in China” from low-quality, low-cost, to high-end. Haier is a leader in high-end transformation. Haier had a high-end layout in the industry 11 years ago, breaking the monopoly of European and American high-end brands for many years and standing firm on overseas high-end markets.

•In the world, the market shares of Haier air-conditioning (including smart air-conditioning) is NO.1.

•In Europe, the overall scale of Haier refrigerators in 2017 increased by 50% year-on-year, the fastest in the industry.

•In the world, the market shares of Haier air-conditioning (including smart air-conditioning) is NO.1.

•In Asia, Haier continued to dominate the Japanese market NO.1 in the field of business laundry of the IoT in 2017; in the first quarter of 2018, Haier's water heaters grew by more than 100% in the Indian market over the same period of time, three times compared with the industry's rivals.

•In Oceania, Haier's washing machine: Haier and Fisher & Paykel is the No. 1.

Haier Shop at Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping mall▼

03 Global Brands

Open Innovation With 10+N R&D System to Meet the Needs of Users

Every Fair attracts nearly 30,000 enterprises, which means Chinese enterprises are going out: the number is big, but very few truly achieve global. This is not unrelated to the choice of OEMs to pursue short-term foreign exchange earnings.

Haier, chose to develop the independent brand in the early days of going abroad, and now Haier overseas has achieved nearly 100% coverage of independent brands, has become the local brands in 160 countries. Following the recent selection of the Top 50 Chinese Export Brands in 2018, Haier is continuously improving the influence of Chinese brands in the world.

Haier's six brands accurately meet the needs of global users▼

04 Original Technology

We don't make profits through OEM, but insist on creating an independent brand.

Haier takes the world's top 10 R&D centers as the open basic platform, and uses many global R&D forces such as innovation centers and innovation communities to achieve "where is the R&D located depends on what is the demand". Haier develops a number of original technologies that have been simulated by world peers 112 times.

The world's first F+ built-in refrigerator in the world

Create the "air laundry" washing machine that creates the third type of laundry The world's first "AC+air purifier" AC product in the world

Haier appliances equipped with original technology will be fully presented at the Canton Fair, so stay tuned!

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In addition, Haier also prepares ingenious interactive experience on-site, such as air-conditioned live magic performance. There are more surprises from April 15th to 19th, come and experience at the Haier exhibition site!

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