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On April 17th, the 123rd Canton Fair still attracts groups of visitors in its third day. As an important component of Haier Smart Home, Haier Refrigerator, with its innovative preservation technology, global food map and eco-food experience, has been occupying the“highlight”of the Canton Fair.

01 Let’s go Fresh, Let’s spread Happiness

Entering the Haier booth, you must be attracted by this screen:

02 Global Food Map: No Distance with Freshness

Can you imagine tasting global food at home? At the Canton Fair, Haier refrigerator show a global "Food Map", which could offer the freshest food to global users and close the distance between users and freshness by positioning food material.

On the global interactive platform represented by Facebook and twitter, Haier Europe, Haier India, Haier Pakistan and Haier Philippines shared “Food Map” on such online platforms.

03 A Refrigerator Is a Food Expert

The only thing you need to do is to stand in front of the refrigerator. The fresh vegetable and meat behind the “smart screen” will be ordered in one click and delivered to you within two hours. Before the screen, it is the smart life experience for family and behind it is the steady income of the ecosystem...

You may enjoy the scenario at the smart family section of Haier booth at Canton Fair. Haier refrigerator is shifting the conventional “cold”appliances into emotional and caring solution for eco-food.

• [How to buy fresh food] By scanning the QR code, one could know the origin of the food. From the farm to table, it gives a detailed information of the food so as to deliver the safest food.

• [How to preserve fresh food] With the most professional function of zones temperature control, dry & wet independent freshness, it can achieve cell-level freshness. By recognizing images, it can regulate the humidity and temperature of all zones and adjust food management system in a smart way.

• [How to eat in a healthy way] It could recommend healthy recipe based on different tastes and demands of family members..

• [How to cook] The smart recipe of refrigerator has recorded cooking methods across the world.

04 The Haier Era of the World Refrigerator

Guided by the “RenDanHeYi” model, and under the layout of global brand, Haier refrigerator has gained impressive achievement in the global market.

• In Europe, with the fastest growth in the industry, the scale of high-end products increased by 50% year-on-year. It has also been certificated with the first VDE preservation technology authorization in the world.

• In South Asia, the Indian market has seen triple growth for two consecutive years. With the market share accounting for 45% in Pakistan, it stands as the No.1 in the industry.

• In Australia, the sales revenue increased by 64% in 2017, making it the fastest growing brand.

• In Middle East, with the market share of T-Door Refrigerator as high as 16% in Israel, it acquired the fastest growth among local home appliances brands.

• In Southeast Asia, with the sales volume of 1.19 million in 2017, its high-end products ranked among the top 5 in major markets.

• In Latin America, the sales volume of one model alone reached 3,500 within two months after it has been launched in Argentina...

In today’s global market operation and competition, driven by “RenDanHeYi” model, Haier refrigerator is innovating itself to meet the high-end and differentiated demands of global users with its“10+N”global R&D system.

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