During the Canton Fair, Haier Refrigerator released a Accurate Energy Saving Solution, continuing to innovate from the two perspectives of soft power and hard power, saving energy by 20% with leading innovative technologies.

Besides, award the VDE certificate from Germany, Haier Refrigerator has become the focus of global distributors and customers with elegant design and outstanding performance.

Let’s uncover the secrets behind the Accurate ESS of Haier Refrigerator through the differentiation of soft and hard powers:

Haier Hard Power: Accurate ESS Keeps Freshness and Saves Energy

01 Fresher Sensors
Send wind only to where it should go.
The precision-control fresher sensor technology invented by Haier enables the refrigerator to blow 8 types of wind instead of one based on match the need of food stored in different areas through the distributed temperature sensors. That has effectively reduced energy consumption and the fluctuation of temperature.

Infrared sensors monitors the real-time change of temperature.▼

Picture of Fresher Sensors▼

Comparison of Ventilation Model▼

02 Fresher Shield
Defrosting can be done in constant temperature.
The fresher shield technology can effectively reduce the influence of heat generated from defrosting to the temperature of the freezer. The increase of temperature during the defrosting process is 5℃ lower than ordinary refrigerators, thus maintaining the temperature of the freezer and greatly reducing energy consumption.

Effect of fresher shield▼/p>

Haier Soft Power: FD Plus Inverter Algorithm Makes Everything “Just Right”

Those who can drive know that during traffic jams, cars consume more energy than on unobstructed road, because the start and stop of engine need more power. Similarly, refrigerators that work intermittently are also energy inefficient. In order to address that problem, Haier Refrigerator has updated its software and released the clever VF algorism.

Comparison of two Startup methods▼

Comparison of operating voltage wave ▼

Through the perfect combination of soft and hard powers, Haier has realized “less energy consumption, more freshness” of refrigerators. While saving 20% of energy, it stores food in the environment of nearly constant temperature and retains the most original flavor from the cell-level.

Haier Cell-Level Preservation▼

Utmost Sincerity and Hardwork: First German VDE Freshness-Keeping Certificate in the World

If the most strict standards in the world are made by Germany, then the most strict German standards will be VDE. Haier has won the first VDE freshness-keeping certificate in the world from the top inspection institution in Europe. During the Fair in Guangzhou, the full-space freshness-keeping refrigerator that was awarded the certificate interacted with global distributors and customers.

Haier Acquire VDE Certificate▼

During the Fair, Haier Refrigerator displayed the principle of the full-space freshness refrigerator. After 7 days, a yellow pepper completely loses its color and dries out in an ordinary wind-cooling refrigerator; but in Haier’s full-space freshness refrigerator it retains the original color and freshness. That is the result of the three differentiating technologies.

Function of Full-space Freshness refrigerator▼

Guided by the “RenDanHeYi” model, Haier Refrigerator will continue to follow the principle of “zero-distance with users” during R&D and try our best for the beautiful life of customers.

Choose Haier Refrigerator, choose “less energy consumption, more freshness”

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