On April 9th, Haier Thailand organized a user interactive activity in Chiang Mai with Siam TV, the largest local distributor. The popular star boy pakron was invited to the event and play a role of Haier deliverer to send products to users. The activity day's sales performance also set the Haier Thailand one store's daily history record.

01 Warm up Online and Offline

Since April 4th, Haier Thailand and SiamTV have started warm-up activities. On the Internet, Haier Thailand interacted with fans through official Facebook and gained positive feedback from users.

Warm up in Facebook▼

In the offline, Siam TV's mobile louderspeaker carried Pakron's posters through the streets of Chiang Mai, laying the foundation for the day’s grand occasion.

Mobile Louderspeakers▼

02 Ignition: The Star Performed A Deliverer.

On April 9, the Haier brand interactive event was held as scheduled, and a large number of users came. They had a passionate interaction with boy pakron. Haier Thailand also conducted some interesting interactive activities such as winning a prize from the lucky draw! Boy pakron explained the high quality of Haier appliances. The audience at the scene acquired a deeper understanding of Haier's brand and products while appreciating the star style.

Enthusiastic Interaction with Users▼

In addition, boy pakron also performed as a "star deliverer" and personally sended user-ordered Haier products to the user's home which made the lady user ecstatic and excited.

Star “Deliveryman" Is Ready▼

He also recorded this warm moment and sent it to his personal social media account, attracting many fans to like and comment, with over one million views and over one hundred thousand likes.

Fans Interaction in Social Media Account▼

There are many lovely users who missed the interactive activity, and turned to took photos with his exhibition board.

True-love Fans of boy pakron ▼

03 Realization of Community Economy: Daily 1.7 Million Baht in Sales in one store Sets A New Record

It is known that the entire live broadcast of the event caused numerous media reports, effectively enhancing Haier's brand image and popularity. On the day of the event, Haier Thailand also set a sales record of 1.7 million baht in one day for one store.

The Male Star and leaders of Haier Thailand▼

Haier has been in the Thai market for more than ten years. Under the guidance of the “RenDanHeYi” model, from the initial “exploratory sales” to the later “trinity” localization, Haier Thailand closely follows the needs of users and gradually breaks the monopoly of Japanese and Korean companies in Thailand with reliable products and caring services, and also export products to Europe, Australia, South America and Middle East. In the future, Haier Thailand will continue to focus on the real needs of users and provide better home appliance solutions.

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