As the 123rd Canton Fair comes to the 5th day, Haier's F+ built-in refrigerator remains as popular. It's freshness-keeping ideas, including the innovative F+ structure and oxygen-control freshness technology have attracted the attention of customers from different countries.

From the macro level to the micro level, from micro passive freshness-keeping to micro accurate freshness-keeping, and from internal micro freshness-keeping to delaying oxidation, Haier F+ refrigerator shows a roadmap of the 3 times of iteration and upgrading of the global freshness-keeping technology to distributors and customers on site, from which we can also see the trajectory of the technological development in the industry.

Freshness-Keeping from Macro Level to Micro Level: Breakthrough from Zero

In 2015, Haier launched the Ding-class Yunzhen refrigerator with air-suspending oil-less compressor technology, starting the age of "cell-level freshness". It follows strict standards of temperature, velocity and cleanness, reducing temperature change to almost zero, in order to protect the cell wall from being damaged and achieve cell-level freshness.

Freshness-Keeping from Passive to Accurate: Accuracy to 0.1 Second

In 2016, Haier released the infrared constant temperature refrigerator and free built-in 6-door refrigerator successively. The infrared constant temperature technology invented by Haier differentiates the product from ordinary refrigerators that passively sense regional temperature, reducing the time of sensing to 0.1 second which is 2700 times faster. That is the 2nd iteration from "micro passive freshness-keeping" to "micro precision freshness-keeping".

From Temperature Control to Oxygen Control: One Anatomy Map

During the fair, Haier F+ refrigerator exhibited the third time of innovative iteration through an analogy. When the traditional enterprises stop at “temperature control freshness”, Haier F+ refrigerator launched the first oxygen control freshness technology, realizing another upgrading from “micro internal freshness-keeping” to “micro delaying of oxidation” from the five dimensions of temperature, humidity, cleanness, velocity and concentration of oxygen.

F+ Concept: “New Invention” of the Global Refrigerator Market

Besides the breakthrough and iteration of original technologies, the F+ concept invented by Haier is also quite popular among foreign distributors.

From the perspective of structure, F+ represents the combination of French door and cross-shaped T-door: the cross-shaped door at the top and French door at the bottom.

In terms of meaning, F+ includes multiple “F”s, such as Freshness, Free built-in and Family.

The F+ refrigerator not only meets users’ needs for storage space and classified freshness-keeping, the design of free built-in perfectly addresses the problems of radiation distance and protruding body, realizing unity of the domestic decoration.

Since 2017, Haier Refrigerator continues to expand its presence in the overseas high-end market, and its prime products have been distributed to other Asian countries, Europe and America. Through the platform of the Canton Fair, Haier Refrigerator will be introduced to more countries with its original technologies and ecological experience, and further implement the idea of cell-level freshness-keeping.

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