There is an idiom in Arabs:
If there's a heaven in our world, Damascus must be part of it.
If the heaven is up in the sky, Damascus will be equally high.
The”Heaven” here is the capital of Syria, Damascus, which is war-shattered.

Even if the war destroyed the heaven, Syrian people still insist on hope and faith.
When the Chinese learned about Syria’s tension through various channels, we were fortunate enough to meet with two customers from Syria at the Canton Fair on April 16. They are Mowafak and Imad. From their face, we saw perseverance and expectation. The most frequently used phase by them was “promising future”, whether it is their loved land, or the Haier they are sticking to.

Mowafak Mahmalji (Right)& Imad Mahmalji(Left)▽

Mowafak told us: “Syria is having the hardest time. Japan and South Korea home appliance companies have withdrawn. But I believe in the coming future, when the country again welcomes peace and stability, together with Haier, we will have a broad prospect in the market which we have consistently held on to.”

Haier Showroom in Syria ▽

Both Mowafak and Imad were neat and tidy in dress, which reveals not only the respect and gratitude to Haier, but also the confidence in their motherland. This kind of confidence also deeply affected Haier. Haier will stay with them and help them as much as possible.

Haier Showroom in Syria

When the time came to part, Mr. Mowafak showed us the photos of a bomb destroyed Syria at his phone. The local Haier store was also influenced. However, he insisted to show us the normal operation of Haier's showroom in Syria. He said to us:“they are beautiful and we did a good job.” Later that night, when we received these photos, we instantly understood their insistence. Even if they were experiencing horrific test, they still wanted to show the best aspect of the country and show Haier's best which are really beautiful and worth sticking.

Haier Showroom in Syria ▽

When the starry night bears no hope,
and when tragedy is going on at the other side of the world,
we have no reason to keep ourselves out of it.
For the world's beautiful life, Haier is trying best.

F+ Concept: “New Invention” of the Global Refrigerator Market

Besides the breakthrough and iteration of original technologies, the F+ concept invented by Haier is also quite popular among foreign distributors.

From the perspective of structure, F+ represents the combination of French door and cross-shaped T-door: the cross-shaped door at the top and French door at the bottom.

In terms of meaning, F+ includes multiple “F”s, such as Freshness, Free built-in and Family.

The F+ refrigerator not only meets users’ needs for storage space and classified freshness-keeping, the design of free built-in perfectly addresses the problems of radiation distance and protruding body, realizing unity of the domestic decoration.

Since 2017, Haier Refrigerator continues to expand its presence in the overseas high-end market, and its prime products have been distributed to other Asian countries, Europe and America. Through the platform of the Canton Fair, Haier Refrigerator will be introduced to more countries with its original technologies and ecological experience, and further implement the idea of cell-level freshness-keeping.

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