From being questioned for choosing Haier to buy the whole set of Haier appliances three years later as the dowry for a daughter, and to select the new Haier refrigerator 7 years later, The Haier brand is becoming the first choice for more and more Indian families.

What makes the family of the Indian young man Vikram so determined? The answer from Haier is consistent quality products and services for 7 years.

Vikram's family with Haier Installer▼

Doubt: Is Haier Trust worthy?
Seven years ago, Vikram was going to buy a water heater with his mother. For his mother and her generation, although Haier had set up a 36k-square-meter building in India with a production capacity of 300,000 refrigerators, Haier was still an unfamiliar brand. No wonder she doubted the reliability of Haier products.

Vikram was an IT engineer. Through the Internet, he understood that Haier was developing really fast, whose vision was to become a global brand in the end. Therefore, he chose Haier so as to experience its products, services and quality.

At last, Vikram convinced his mother with fact. During the installation of the water heater, his mother saw that the installers worked with high efficiency and helped with the cleaning, so she had a very good impression of Haier staff.

Haier Water Heater in Vikram's house▼

The user experience of Haier water heater was far exceeded expectation of Vikram's family, and completely changed his mother's attitude to Haier. Familiarity: Reunion after 3 Years

Three years later, when Vikram's sister got married, Vikram's mother bought a whole set of Haier appliance, including refrigerator, TV set, AC and washing machine. The good quality of Haier water heater made them full of confidence with the brand.

From doubt to trust, as Vikram's mother said, Haier built its relationship with customers based on product quality and services as a new brand.

Vikram's family with Haier Refrigerator▼

Haier is the first Chinese enterprise to set up a plant in India, when the market was primarily dominated by Korean, Japanese and German brands. As Haier takes root, Indian customers now have another choice of home appliance. Providing good services and products to users with reliable brand and technology is the first step of Haier in the Indian market.

Trust: Haier Takes Root in India

On April 24, Vikram’s mother bought Haier products once again: BM refrigerator with stainless steel furnishing and a capacity of 256L. It is an innovation of Haier after entering India. Since 2004 when Haier first came to India, it began to promote the BM series refrigerator and introduced the BM concept for the first time. With its special design, Haier BM refrigerator won the “Annual Product” prize for the Indian market.

After 7 years, an Indian home is fully equipped with Haier products, which proves their recognition and trust to the product quality and services.

Haier Refrigerator bought in April 2018▼

In fact, Vikram's family is not an individual case. More and more Indian people are preferring Haier, which is a key factor for the sustainable development of Haier in India. In 2017, Haier's high-end VF AC grew by over 4 times year-on-year, which grew fastest in the industry.

Behind all that is Haier's consistent efforts in independent brand-building. Until now, almost 100% brands are independently owned. Haier has truly become the first brand of globalization with its own brand, and represents Chinese enterprises to face global users with the image of Chinese brand.

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