On May 2, WHO released a global air quality report, stating that 7 million people may die of air pollution each year. However, currently, global AC companies focus more on hardware and the technology to produce cool and warm air. On May 14, Haier announced that it established a healthy air research center in New Zealand, devoted to studying preventative solutions against indoor air pollution and meet the growing demand of users for healthy air.

WHO: Air Pollution Threatens People’s Health▼

According to the newly released global air quality report, many regions still suffer from severe air pollution, with 9 people out of 10 breathing air with high density of pollutants. It is estimated that 7 million people may die of outdoor and domestic air pollution each year.

The report also points out that air pollution is a highly dangerous cause of noninfectious diseases. 24% of those died of heart disease, 25% of stroke, 43% of COPD and 29% of lung cancer in the world were caused by air pollution. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO says that air pollution affects everyone, and if no emergency actions are taken against the problem, the planet will never achieve sustainable development.

Haier has noticed the threat of air pollution to users long ago and made plans in terms of domestic air quality.

Haier Air: Integrating Global Resources to Produce “Healthy Air ▼

When traditional enterprises are still focusing on AC products, Haier has begun to produce “healthy air” already. In April, Haier worked with the University of Geneva in Switzerland to build the first overseas healthy air research lab. It focus on "figuring out what healthy air is"

In order to further integrate global R&D resources and technical power and to push forward the study on “healthy air”, on May 14, Haier announced that it began to work with the University of Auckland to build an innovative research center of healthy air.

The University of Auckland is the top institution in New Zealand and is renowned in the world for its achievement in the area of comfortable air. In the meantime, Fisher&Paykel, a brand of Haier, is a national treasure of New Zealand, boasting world leading technologies of motors and fans.

Through cooperation with the two major scientific research and technological powers in the southern hemisphere, Haier’s air research center in New Zealand will be devoted to incubate the best air solutions in the world to mitigate and prevent the harm of air pollution to people’s health.

It is known that before the center was established, Haier had already brought out a technology in New Zealand that could prevent secondary pollution. It can automatically identifies the dirt in AC filter and reminds users to clean it in time. That technology was applied in the AC area for the first time, and will be used on all AC products of Haier in the future.

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