On May 25th-27th, Haier Malaysia attended the “HOME LOVE”Expo in Kuala Lumpur together with customers of TBC. On the Expo, Haier Malaysia displayed a series of mid-to-high end home appliances. According to the statistics, during the three days' exposition with TBC, the sales volume of Haier products is 1.5 times as much as the monthly sales volume of a store.

Home Love Expo Scene ▲

Home Love Expo Scene ▲

Solution: Delivering Multiple Smart Home Appliances Solutions

This time, Haier Malaysia presented an array of innovative products with world-leading technology on “HOME LOVE” Expo, including the triple-system refrigerator with separate dry and wet preservation compartment, inverter direct-driven and self-cleaning washing machine and inverter self-cleaning air conditioner. It also brought multiple smart home appliances solutions for Malaysian users.

Haier High-end Appliances Displayed on Expo▼

It’s said that the differentiated and personalized design of these products could address the chronic problems in terms of health, environmental protection and convenience, which have troubled users for a long time. Upon unveiling, the products attracted attention from all users. As a result, they rushed to Haier stuff to know more about the functions and differentiated selling points of products and many of them made a purchase decision at once.

Consumers asking for product's information▼

A user of Haier triple-system refrigerator with separate dry and wet preservation compartment said,

I always preserve some dried fruit and herbs for making soup. But as they are kept in a long time, they tend to go bad. This refrigerator is equipped with special function of separating dry and wet food. In this way, the food will remain tasty. This perfectly meets my demand.

Another user of Haier Inverter Self-cleaning air conditioner said,

I learned from the presentation here that if the air conditioner has been operated for a long time, its evaporator might gather a lot of dust and bacteria. However, Haier air conditioner could clean the dust on evaporator in a timely manner and prevent bacteria from growing, so I do not have to worry about the air quality inside of my house.

Ecology: An Open Platform Helps to Create A Leader in Global Branding

This exposition also marks the extension of Haier Malaysia towards its branding strategy after it appeared on HOMEDECK Expo with Channel DHM this April.

Looking forward, Haier Malaysia will step up its cooperation with customers and interact with terminal users within short distance. While helping dealers increase sales volumes and achieve win-win, it will also work to enhance the reputation of Haier and meet the goal of becoming the leader in global branding.

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