Haier High-End Showroom Opens in Jordan

On June 21 local time in Jordan, in the capital's upscale district of Mecca, a new blue-and-white building was officially opened, attracting 1,200 guests including local government officials, industry associations, major distributors and customers. This is the new headquarters building for Haier Jordan's exclusive cooperator of the whole product range - Company T (name removed for confidentiality). The striking Haier LOGO at the top and the high-end facade complement each other, and Haier high-end showroom occupying the entire first floor is particularly eye-catching.

As the first Haier high-end showroom for the whole product range in Jordan, it attracts the attention of guests with professional booths, well-organized layouts, and a product lineup of which 80% are high-end products. From large appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, AC and TV to small ones including fryer, microwave oven, electric iron and water dispenser, whole product range is designed to provide users with one-stop solution of home appliances and build a premium brand image for Haier with high-quality products and experiences. Besides, the goal of Company T is to build the showroom into a high-end transformation model of the Haier brand for the entire region of Levant, and a brand center for the experience and communication of customers from other countries.

Customer Works Overtime for Haier Brand-Building

It is the second year that Company T and Haier carry out exclusive cooperation for the whole product range in Jordan. With strong confidence and recognition for Haier brand, Company T has spared no effort to help Haier develop in Jordan.

In the beginning of the cooperation, Company T began to select site, planning to build an independent Haier showroom. During the five-month construction period, T was faced with challenges. In mid-April, the main body of the building was barely completed and the site was in a mess. In order to complete the construction before the opening event on June 21, everyone in the company was fully devoted. In order to supervise the construction progress, the management team of the company all moved to the site, built an office, installed makeshift windows and doors, and began on-site supervision. Following was working overtime night and day, until June 20 when all the staff worked overtime to 4 am, went home for a short rest, and arrived at the company at 5 am to ensure perfect opening on June 21.

Achieving Exceptional Growth, Targeting Top 3 in Three Years

A distributor said at the opening event, The market environment in Jordan is very bad right now. Company T gives such a generous investment to the brand under such circumstances, their courage and vision have surprised me.

In fact, despite the overall downturn of the market, Haier has achieved exceptional growth this year in Jordan relying on the joint efforts of the teams of product and marketing. Sales volume in the first half of the year exceeded the total of last year, and the goal is to double it. For Company T, the opening of the showroom is a solid step toward Haier high-end brand building and leadership, which will be followed by more concrete steps. It is understood that T plans to build a local assembly plant and its own bonded warehouse by 2020, making Haier top three in Jordan market within three years and lead the development of the market. We are looking forward to more successes for Haier Jordan!

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