Since February 2018, Chen Feng (Alias) from the Jiaonan Washing Machine Factory has been using the new equipment - Belt Tension Tooling. As a worker on the product line, Chen Feng operates on the tooling up to 2,000 times a day.

In the past, there was no uniform standard for belt tension tooling, and each factory had to develop their own standards. Besides, due to lack of professional technical support, the tooling was hard to operate and manage. As a result, it lay too much burden on the operator and cause secondary damage to the products, which was not only inefficiency, but making it difficult to ensure the stability of production.

Haier Staff Operating on the New Tooling▼

Chen Feng told us,

Every time when we are offered an upgraded tooling, we can see obvious improvement. The initial design of lightweight has greatly reduced the burden of our daily work. Then the screws are removed, so that we no longer have to worry that they might drop off during the operation. A visible tension gauge is also built in to increase the measurement accuracy by 100 times.

Haier Staff Operating on the New Tooling▼

As Chen Feng said, the standardization of the new tooling was not achieved overnight. Toda Takashi from Haier Asia R&D led the team to carry out four times of upgrade to the design. At the beginning, he designed for lightweight, then integrated the tooling and strengthened the bolts, and added a visible tension gauge in the end. These improvements and proposals may seem simple, but in order to meet the target of “simple operation” and “anyone can measure accurate values”, the team of Haier Asia R&D repeatedly tested each technical issues.

Previous Gauge (Top) and New Gauge (Bottom)▼

When the new tooling was introduced to the washing machine factories, it was immediately applauded by the workers on the product line. Until now, with the help of the new tooling, more than 100,000 washing machines have been manufactured. The Hefei Washing Machine Factory and the Jiaonan Washing Machine Factory sent a thank-you letter to Haier Asia R&D for their technical support to the manufacturing of washing machines.

Thank-You Letters from Hefei Washing Machine Factory (Top) and Jiaonan Washing Machine Factory (Bottom) ▼

Inspired by the “RenDanHeYi” model, everyone in the team believes that as long as they work hard, they will realize changes. Therefore, they are actively looking for points of innovation and forcing backward technological innovations in factories. The team of Haier Asia R&D will provide more technical support to guarantee production quality, operation and stability.

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