When you invite friends over to have dinner and watch the football finals, what will you cook for them? Haier Smart Kitchen, with various kitchen appliances interconnected through Wi-Fi, will have everything prepared for you.

When you walk into the kitchen yet do not know what to do, Haier refrigerator will help you out, from which the freshness of the ingredients is clear at one glance.

You can't cook? That's all right. The Xinchu refrigerator will turn on the smart oven to help you: You can choose the recipe on the screen of the refrigerator/mobile phone, and when the oven receives the order, it will start the baking process based on the preset temperature and time. You can check the real time baking status and remaining time on the refrigerator. With one-button cooking, even newbie will become good chef.

If you start the cooktop, Haier ventilation will immediately increase suction based on the law of aerodynamics and funnel effect. It can also prevent the smoke from getting away. The strong suction effect is highly effective, providing clean and fresh air in the kitchen in an all-round way. Besides, the cooktop is equipped with an automatic cutoff protection device, which ensures that power is cut off when the fire is accidentally put out, so that gas does not leak and the product is more secure to use.


海外秀场 Overseas Show

泰国Thailand||日本Japan||马耳他Malta||意大利Italy||巴基斯坦Pakistan||美国USA||印尼Indonesia||越南Vietnam||马来西亚Malaysia||俄罗斯Russia||印度India||约旦Jordan||法国France||叙利亚Syria||德国Germany||西班牙Spain||瑞士Switzerland||新西兰New Zealand

全球海尔人 Global Haier

01||海尔法国No.1之路,从离产品最近的地方开始|Haier France on the No. 1 Journey

02||【视频】海尔与约旦母亲节的品牌交互暖心曲|Love Song of Haier & Moms Day in Jordan

03||AQUA跨界合作1号店诞生!|The First Sharing Laundry by AQUA Japan & FM

04||560公里穿越欧洲两国 西班牙海尔人为爱骑行|Haier Spanish Distributor Cycles for Love

05||海尔印尼逆势增长 首创高端定制款香薰自清洁空调|Aromatic Self-Cleaning AC

06||首届IoT商用洗黑客松大赛 AQUA全球开放创新 | First AQUA Laundromat IoT Hackathon

07||【暖心视频】融入全球家庭 定制美好生活|Customizing Beautiful Life for Global Users

08||海尔酒柜意大利市场NO.1顶级酒庄亮相葡萄酒展|Haier Wine Cabinet Being No.1 in Italy

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