Love is my favorite white shirt you are wearing in the bright sunshine

Love is the umbrella that my friend holds up for me in the rain

Love is the “mama” you utter when you are learning to speak

Love is every day in Haier

We want to know how you feel about Haier.

People of Haier, stories of Haier, the growth and change happened in Haier

690overseas is launching the #Three-Line Love Letter to Haier# event.

Here, you have three lines to confess your love to Haier.


One square-meter desk

Can connect the whole world

@莫妮卡, joined Haier 2 years ago

I was born as you were born

And I grow up as you grow up

What a childhood friend!

@一诺, joined Haier 11 years ago

Whatever wakes me up every morning

Is not my dream

But number of clickings

@慕楠楠, joined Haier half a year ago

How can three lines be enough!

What? Only two lines left?

Oh forget it! Haier, I love you!

@一一, joined Haier 11 years ago

Industry Regional and culture

Over the past year at Haier

I can only see the tip of an iceberg

@小鹿婆婆, joined Haier last year

Our distance is not far away

All I have to do is walk towards you without looking back

Brain Heart Dream

What I got from you

Je vous ai manqué,aur das milliers de miles voyage

Juste pour vous rencontrer, de tout mon voyage.

What is important shall be repeated three times

And love for Haier can be expressed with three lines

We can feel your emotion!

Wanted: # Three-Line Love Letters to Haier#

2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years... There must be endless stories and emotions during your days in Haier. As the day of 920 is coming, we are hoping to collect 1000 three-line love-letters from all entrepreneurs, micro-enterprise owners and platform owners. You have three lines to confess your love for Haier.

Collection period: July 17th - August 31st

How to submit:

1. Email your letter to

2. Forward this post to Moments with hashtag #Three-Line Love Letter to Haier#+ your letter, and send the screenshot to 690overseas.

Excellent works will be publicized. You will be rewarded with a gift from 690overseas!

• end •

Contributions Wanted!

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