Recently, Haier Thailand has opened its second service center in Pattaya, a place known as “The Eastern Hawaii” after opening the first in Eastern area of Bangkok in March 2018. The new service center provides one stop service which covers the entire product categories for customers in the east part of the country. Now, the Haier Service Center Pattaya branch has been running for a month and received lots of praise from the customers.

In Thailand, most of the after sales service are provided by agents who provide service for many brands at one time, so the service is inefficient and poorly managed. Customers has to wait 10 to 14 days for the service and spare parts. As an important part of the strategy to upgrade Haier Thailand's after sales service, Haier Service Center is operated by the brand independently and has a warehouse storing spare parts, which cuts the period of waiting to only 3 days.

At the same time, the service center has specialized and well-trained technicians, together with pioneering mobile service stations, Haier has done better than most of its competitors in both the service quality and responding speed. Therefore, Haier showed its good brand image while interacting with customers.

Customers Praised the Service Center for Its Professional and Considerate Service

Many local customers praised Haier's after sales service on social media, including Facebook, and said:

Haier really cares about the customers. Technicians here are very professional. They have very good service mind and provide considerate service.

Here are some comments we extracted from the social media.

Best Nonthaphat :

Customer Best Nonthaphat:

My AC has worked for 3 years and now it's not cold as before, so I called the Haier Service Center. Luckily Haier offers 5 years warranty (other brands 1 year), so I did not pay anything. My balcony is very tiny, so the technician Mr. Jaroon had to climb on the balcony to fix the pipe. Finally my AC is work perfect now. Mr. Jaroon, thank you for the excellent after sales service you and your team provided for me.

Sataporn Aunkum:

Customer Sataporn Aunkum:

I got very good advices. Pretty cool. 100 points.

Mod Tiewmoo:

Customer Mod Tiewmoo:

Thank you Haier technicians. You have really fast service!

Haier Strives to be the Top Local Service Brand in 3 Years

The service team of Haier Thailand began to explore how to transform in 2017. On the one hand, it adjusted its service network to establish seven brand service centers in six core regions. Based on this, it established a regional spare parts supply system and technical training system so as to enhance service competitiveness and brand image; On the other hand, it is actively engaged in exploring the model of mobile service station and becomes a service model in Asia.

This year, Haier Thailand plans to open another 5 service centers in Western area fo Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Petchaburi and Songkhla. When they are built up, the total 7 service centers will cover 70% of the Thailand's after sales service. Until next year, the range will expand to 100%.

Guided by the Rendanheyi Model, in the future, Haier Thailand will provide better service for local customers and strives to be No.1 service localization in Thailand in the next three years.

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