Pakistan Super League (PSL) has just concluded its third season. This year, a piece of Chinese element was added to the most popular tournament in Pakistan. The Chinese brand Haier makes strategic cooperation with Peshawar Zalmi – a team with perhaps the highest following among cricket fans in Pakistan and worldwide. With its blue logo printed on the yellow team uniforms, Haier blue has become the most active element on the PSL tournament.

Cricket is the national sport of Pakistan. From cities to rural areas, almost every place has its own cricket team. Pakistani cricket teams have also won golden medals on international competitions. PSL, one of the most successful tournaments in the cricketing world is broadcast live to TV audiences in Pakistan, India, Australia, North America and Europe, and its influence is widespread.

This year, one of the highlights was the present of Chinese element. As a team with perhaps the highest following among cricket fans in Pakistan and worldwide, Peshawar Zalmi designed its new team uniform which combines the traditional scarf with the shape of cricket, and together with unique Haier logo.

Research conducted by A.C. Nielsen Sports, the most authoritative provider of analytics and insights within the sports industry, showed that PSL 3 generated over US $300 million worth of media value and exposure. Haier and Peshawar Zalmi gained the highest media exposure across all major media platforms - electronic, print, digital/social including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which manifested the influence of Chinese brand.

In fact, the connection between Haier and Pakistan sport competitions has been long established. On the 2010 T20 National Cricket Championship, Faisalabad, Pakistan, the logo of Haier has appeared and won public’s attention.

From building its oversea industrial park in 2001 when Haier started to create its brand in Pakistan, to building up the Ruba Economic Zone in 2006, to taking the most share in Pakistani home appliance market, Haier is a Chinese brand most familiar to Pakistanis.

2017 is the third consecutive year that Haier takes the most share in Pakistan home appliance market. In the first quarter of this year, the market share of Haier is 30.4%, ranking top 1, the market share of Haier AC and refrigerator rank top 1, too.

Now, together with the cricket games, Haier blue becomes an indispensable part of local people’s life. Haier will offer better experience for Pakistanis under the RenDanHeYi Model.

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