On August 18th, Haier mobile service van came to the historical and industrial city--Rostov on Don, the "Southern Capital of Russia" and Haier opened its first mobile service stop here, representing a new business card of Haier's high quality service for users in Russia.

Service Efficiency Increased by 57%:
“No Company Has Done Such Things.”

Haier mobile service van was first introduced to Russia in August this year. Oleg has been repairing refrigerators for a decade and became one of the first group of engineers who owned mobile vans.

“So far, in Rostov on Don, no company has done such things. I admire that how Haier focuses on improving service quality.”

Oleg said.

Before the mobile service van was put into use, the traditional service in home appliance industry would take a long time to finish the products repaired, usually the engineers had to go in the users' home and check the problems and went back to fetch the instuments because users can not describe the details. Moreover the scattered residences in vast Russian territory, the service efficiency was greatly decreased.

However, with the mobile service vans, the service efficiency was raised by 57%. The mobile service vans are equipped with complete professional instruments and common parts, so the engineers can solve the problems at once. The problems that used to take 7 days to settle down can be solved within 3 days now.

New Service Model in Russia:
“Haier is an intelligent choice.”

Mr. E was the first user of Haier Russia mobile service van. An engineer received the message from Mr. E through Haier mobile App. Within two hours, the engineer arrived at the user's home.

After testing the electrical security, Haier engineer began checking the problem of the refrigerator, taking out spare parts and repairing it. After that, he picked up all the wastes and taught the user how to keep the refrigerator patiently. Mr. E was impressed. In addition, Haier engineer also checked other home appliances in the user's home to ensure the security of using.

“It exceeds my expectation that Haier's repair service is so fast, professional and complete. The engineer not only fixed the refrigerator, also taught me how to keep it.”

During the process, Mr. E was extremely delighted.

“I appreciate Haier's service very much. I believe that Haier is my intelligent choice.”

The whole set of professional service is showing a new experience to Russian users. It is a new standard of Haier service in Russia and starts a new service model.

Guided by Rendanheyi Model, Haier AC products' market share ranked first in Russian market and the refrigerator's market share doubled. By the end of this year, Haier planned to open another two mobile service stations in Moscow and Krasnodar respectively, expanding the service coverage. Through the mechanism of "paid by users" , Haier is improving the layout and service network of mobile service van and will provide excellent service for Russian users.

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