On August 31, the IFA 2018 International Exhibition was opened in Berlin, Germany. As the pioneer of Smart Home, Haier presented the “Smart Home Sample Room” specially customized for Europe during the event, displaying infinite possibilities of modern technology with an all-dimensional smart solution of clothing, food, housing and entertainment. Media agencies from different countries covered Haier’s Smart Home and its strategic layout in Europe.

United States
CNET: Haier’s New Smart Freezer Is Also a Fridge When Needed

The Chinese manufacturer always puts fridge to the front and center of science exhibitions, so did it during IFA 2018. Haier seeks to sell as many appliances in Europe as possible, and it sees how much it can bring to IFA, the biggest technological event in Berlin.

PoS-MAIL: Haier is Investing Billions in Europe

Haier is planning to invest around one billion euros for its European business within four years, said Yannick Fierling, leader of Haier Europe before the opening of IFA in Berlin. That investment concerns sales and marketing instead of acquisition which belongs to another plan.

marketing.directo: Haier Showed at IFA 2018 Its Ambition to Lead in Europe

During the IFA, Haier displayed all newsletters for the next several months. Most importantly, it announced its growth plan in Europe, expecting to achieve growth in Europe, the most competitive and strict market in the world.

LSA: The European Ambition of Chinese Haier

Haier announced its strategy for the Frankfurt market during IFA at Berlin. This is the first time that a Chinese group clearly expressed its purpose in the European market.

Napi.hu: Haier Expects 11 European Branches

Haier takes 14.2% of the global market, but only 2.3% of Europe. It is planning to invest one billion euros to non-acquisition sales and marketing activities. Currently, Haier has 8 branches in Europe, and 11 new ones will be built in the next 4 years.

The Netherlands
De Standaard: Chinese Home Appliance Tycoon is Increasing European Investment

Brussels – Chinese manufacturing of home appliance and consumer electronics Haier will increase investment in its European activities in the next four years.

Digital Day: 'Super' Laundry-Dryer and Perfect Food, Mission of Haier

Haier deals with clothes using the micro-steam technology, which reduces the smell and crease of clothes that are barely worn as there is no direct contact with water and detergent, erasing the need for true laundry.

As IFA 2018 is continuing, on the stage followed by the world, Haier is going to bring more surprises.

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