In early November, Haier has opened a first of its kind experience store in New Delhi, India. Spread across 3,000 sq. ft. area, this experience store showcases some of the most intuitive and advanced products from Haier to help consumers make their lifestyles future-ready, significantly improved terminal brand image.

The store gives a sneak peek into a connected world where home appliances are synced and interconnected with each other. Haier has conceptualized this store focusing on the four most important physical spaces in the home like Smart living room, Smart kitchen, Smart bathroom and Smart bedroom. The washing machine could detect the lack of laundry detergent and automatically buy it from nearest store; Refrigerator not only store up food but provide users with one-stop kitchen solution of buying, storing, cooking and cleaning...All of these demonstrate the connected world of household appliances and help users to intuitively experience the benefit of Smart home.

Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India, said, "Today's users are embracing IoT technology that allows them to access their home appliances in an intuitive manner. At Haier, we understand the evolving needs of the Indian consumer to create smart solutions to address their requirements. This store showcases Haier's futuristic products and intelligent devices all under one roof. India is an important market for us and this is another significant milestone in our journey. The exclusive store aims to be a one-stop-shop, which will showcase the smart home appliances and fulfil the demands of consumers with a diverse range of Haier products."

As the very first smart home experience store, there has been an endless stream of users coming said this is eye-opening and put forward problems of generally implementing smart home in India.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, Haier India won Indian users' trust by concretely digging out needs of local users, continuously upgrading and iterating products and service. This layout of Smart home experience store in India will not only help Haier interact with users 0 distance but bring life convenience to global users.

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