In the Pudong New District, Shanghai, Haier Air Conditioning has set up an unprecedentedly large billboard totaling 4000㎡! This billboard is not the hard-sell type, but a "Real Product Billboard" consisting of 458 sets of outdoor air conditioning units. The Overseas Chinese Town Apartment Building has 458 serviced apartments, for which 458 sets of Haier outdoor air conditioning units are installed and, as observed in an aerial photo, are distributing neatly and uniformly to form a great sign for fully demonstrating the strength of Haier Air Conditioning!

The real estate developer would not come up just one month ago with that either the alignment of all such outdoor air conditioning units installed could be strictly controlled within ±1cm in any direction, or the Overseas Chinese Town Building would become a perfect sample for promoting their real estate products. What makes this building different is that this fine installation work was carried out by the Shanghai Service Team of Haier Air Conditioning.

Installation of 10 Air Conditioners Brought 458 Orders

Immediately after received an assignment at 9:00 p.m. for completing the installation of 10 air conditioners before the acceptance inspection early in the next morning, the Service Division of Haier Air Conditioning organized and sent out a professional team for this purpose, and this team completed this installation task before 1:00 a.m. on the delivery date. This was the service provided by Haier as required by the same real estate developer for installing air conditioners for their sample rooms at the YOUMI International Community. This quality and timely installation had touched this developer, who later on placed a big order with Haier, 458 hanging type air conditioners for their Overseas Chinese Town Apartment Building.

Set out for Hundreds of Times to Control Installation Errors within 1cm

The neat and uniform installation as mentioned above was delivered by 40 workers in 7 days. The distance between the support of each outdoor unit and the corresponding windowsill was standardized at 30cm, and the bottom of each support is flushed with the lower end of window glass. The setting-out process was conducted by the engineers for hundreds of times to determine perfect vertical and horizontal lines for aligning all outdoor units and ensuring such a rigorous error within 1cm. "This is nothing less than drawing a picture on this building!", this developer exclaimed during their acceptance inspection.

2000 Air Conditioners Ordered and to Be Ordered from Haier

Upon the cooperation in the YOUMI International Community and Overseas Chinese Town Apartment Building, Haier Air Conditioning has won the trust of this developer, who has designated Haier to supply and install 306 sets of air conditioners for their Qiujiang Road Project. By the end of this year, Haier will obtain the orders of total 2000 sets of apartment air conditioners from this developer, just based on the installation service provided for 10 sample rooms.

As for the Shanghai Service Team of Haier Air Conditioning, the key to gain good word of mouth is touching customers with detailed services provided for each assignment -- no matter this assignment is about the installation for 10 sample rooms or for 458 apartments.

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