A smart service ecosystem that meets the service needs of users and creates the best user experience for the entire process is built up. Haier is actively deploying mobile service stations worldwide and further opening up online and offline service resources through quick response to on-site service needs from the mobile service stations, in order to provide users with comprehensive high-quality life experience.

Haier India:

Despite the rain, it took only one hour for engineers of Haier India from receiving service requirements to providing on-site installation.

Haier Thailand

This year, Haier Thailand plans to open five service centers in the west of Bangkok, Chiangmai, Udon Thani, Phetchabun and Songkhla. Until then, the seven established service centers will serve 70% of the country, which is expected to be extended to 100% next year.

Haier Russia

The after-sales technical team of the Russian micro-enterprise provided training of product technologies and services to the engineers from local mobile service stations in Krasnodar, in order to support the mobile service stations.

In addition, Haier customer care is copied in Japan, EU and the world at large.

Each service engineer constantly upgrades service to users, with user satisfaction as their goal. Any Time Any Channel; Any Tech Any Where. Based on the ever-improving service system and continuously upgrading service standards, Haier is leading the service standards of the industry.

Guided by the Rendanheyi Model and focusing on users, Haier constantly improves its service system and upgrades service standards, ensuring the professional level of engineers in terms of technology and service. It is also deploying mobile service stations and expanding service scope to improve the touchpoint network, so as to provide the best service to global users.

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