On December 19, a group of pictures sent from Russia show that 141 high-rise buildings from 8 smart communities in Russia have installed 25,000 Haier smart air conditioners.

141 Buildings Hung with 25,000 Smart AC

Since 2015, Haier Air Conditioning has been working with the developers to promote Haier air conditioners in Russia. Until now, 141 buildings from 8 smart communities are hung with 25,000 Haier air conditioners. Among all, one of the smart communities which located in the southwest of Moscow is entirely equipped with Haier smart ACs featuring remote control and quiet operation.

Haier AC in the Process of Installation ▲

Installation Completed ▲

Product Quality and Experience Recognized by Local Users

Based on evaluation of local user's demand, Haier launched smart air conditioners that can intelligently human bodies and light intensity. Besides, stable operation continues even at -20℃ ultra-low temperature.

Russian users say, “We are willing to pay for Haier products, because they are the best in both quality and experience.”

Haier AC Becomes No.1 in Russia

Since its entrance into Russian market, Haier has been implemented its Trinity development strategy that involves localized R&D, production and marketing, in order to be a recognized high-end brand. Haier defeated the traditionally competitive European brands and is the No.1 in terms of sales volume in such a competitive market with over 140 brands. In the meanwhile, Haier is the only Chinese brands listed in the Top5.

Guided by the Rendanheyi Model, Haier Air Conditioning is now the only Chinese brand that has realized localized operation and service in Russia. As Haier’s global expansion deepens, we shall see more and more Haier AC “Walls”.

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