The fourth Pakistan Super League (PSL) of cricket kicked off on February 14, now tough group match is under way. Haier's strategic cooperation with Peshawar Zalmi team, which enjoys the highest support from Pakistani cricket fans, continues to help Zalmi team's cricket heroes hit PSL. The blue LOGO of Haier once again appeared on the yellow uniforms of the Zalmi team for the PSL competition. The popularity of cricket and the heroic spirit of the Zalmi team formed a yellow storm that swept Pakistan.

Zalmi's stunning publicity video has transformed the overwhelming passion and courage of the players into a yellow storm, symbolizing their indomitable spirit and confidence to win.

Cricket is the national sport of Pakistan. From cities to rural areas, almost every region has its own cricket team. Pakistan national cricket teams have also won golden medals on many international competitions for multiple times. PSL, one of the most successful and well-known tournaments in the cricket world is broadcast to audiences in Pakistan, India, Australia, North America and Europe, etc. whose influence is widespread. Haier seized the opportunity to interact deeply with users on social platforms (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) during the competition season, and many cricket fans over the country left messages to wish Zalmi's star players a good performance in the game.

Haier’s brand building journey in Pakistan began in 2001, From building its oversea industrial park to establishing Ruba Economic Zone in 2006, Haier has become NO.1 in Pakistani home appliance market since 2016. As the most familiar Chinese brand to Pakistanis, Haier will continue to offer better experience for users in Pakistan under the guide of Rendanheyi Model.

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