On March 6, 2019 Haier Overseas Service Maker Summit was held in Qingdao. At the conference, the service upgrading strategy including call center transformation, service network transformation, technology training transformation, spare parts supply chain transformation and IT transformation, as well as overseas users evaluation strategy were issued. Global makers from Southeast Asia, South American, Europe, Australia, and America share their thoughts about service operation and innovation. To promote global landing of the service Rendanheyi , achieve zero distance between service makers and users, and ensure that every user in the world gets the best experience through differentiated and upgraded services.

At the Summit, Wang Yan, Overseas Service GM, made strategic announcement on the evaluation of overseas users public praiseand the transformation of service strategy: overseas transformation achievement, service performance reviews, and innovative path in 2019 – provide best user experience, and create a “first-class reputation”of users in the IoT era, continue to provide professional service, branding service and integrate quality in service.

Japan: Upgrading Mobile Service Station and Construction of Call Center Promote Service Quality and Efficiency in 2019

Mr. ITO, service maker from Japan, shares the innovation of service operation in East Asia: to upgrade mobile service station with 156 sites covering the whole country, make E-Service mobile terminal online and achieve paperless service. The new call center improves the one-time answer and problem-solving rate. At present, Japanese service makers are continually promoting the goal that everyone is a micro-owner, and actively innovating and self-challenging to achieve the goal.

Vietnam: Standing on users experience, Optimizing the operation system of each node

Through dynamic optimization of agent schedule, and established CCT team, Vietnam Service team set up incentive policied for outlets, and the STAT is less than 1.8 days.

Pakistan: Upgraded 7-Star Service, with no closing on Lesser Bairam

South Asia service maker Mr. Akbar: This Lesser Bairam in 2018 is different from the past. The Haier-Pakistan Service Center becomes the first to promote "no closing during Lesser Bairam". On the second and third days of the festival, they began to provide normal after-sale service for household appliances to solve the application problem, thus enhanced the terminal brand image of Haier, and won the public praise of Pakistani consumers. The Pakistani service also puts forward the slogan "Worry free, comfort today", which sets the 28th of each month as a free service day and promotes free after-sales service activities for Haier products throughout Bahrain.

Russia: Performance Valuation Adjustment Mechanism for Service Engineers

Russian service maker Mr. Alexey: Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model, Russia encourages makers to achieve win-win results with the focus on user satisfaction. By transforming from traditional service mode to mobile service station, the service cycle is shortened by 54% to create the best reputation of users. Through the hierarchical incentive mechanism, drive service engineers to provide the best service, to achieve users pay.

India: Service is Top Religion. Amazon India-Haier Installation Service ranks first

South Asia service maker Li Wei: Haier Installation Services has been ranked No. 1 in Amazon Electric Installation Services, India's largest e-commerce channel. The service in India is deeply integrated into the Rendanheyi Model. On July 18 last 2018, Haier India created a platform for engineers. From face recognition to engineer certification and pay-by-users, to realize the personal value of the engineers, and to build a fast and worry-free service for users.

FPA: "User-Friendly" Interaction, to establish Apprenticeship Training System from Call Center to Field Service

Australian service maker Mr. Rudolph: The FPA service team believes that a convenient service experience is more conducive to obtaining user loyalty, and that it is time-oriented to upgrade and lead the user experience. With workshop as a technical training base, an apprenticeship training system for the whole process from call center to field service has been established. Four-year apprenticeship, three-level certification examination and obtaining the work license, professional service engineers have been trained to provide high-quality service for users in the first time.

GEA: Providing a World-class Ownership Experience

GEA service maker Mr. Jeff: We create the best experience for every user to achieve double growth in world-class operational capability and efficiency. We also support the user-centered end-to-end microenterprises culture and accountability, and support ME teams to meet users’unique needs.

During the Roundtable discussion themed Service Guided by the Rendanheyi Model, Li Wei, Haier South Asia Service Director; Andrea Quaini, Candy Service Operation Manager; Jeff Wood, GEA Vice President-Service; Rudolph Khoury, FPA General Manager-Global Service; Uvarov Alexey, Haier Russia Service Director; and Sachin Ramchandra Anaspure, Haier India Head-Network Operations, shared their understandings.

The summit also awarded six awards to outstanding service teams, including the Best System Operation Award, Best Transformation Achievement Award and Best Supporting Platform Award, to recognize their great contributions in the past, and encourage various service teams around the world to learn from them, make persistent efforts, and provide the best service for users.

Best System Operation Award

Best Transformation Achievement Award

Best Supporting Platform Award

Best Service Mode Innovation Award

Best Salad Culture Fusion Award

Best Practice Leading Award

On the summit, Ren Xianquan, Vice President of Haier Home Appliance Industry Group, looked into future, hoping that every overseas region could achieve greater breakthroughs in differentiated service. With the guidance of SmartHome as the main axis, Haier has made good exploration and progress in overseas service professionalism, branding and integration in 2018. The concept of overseas service makers has changed from a supporting platform to master of service and master of public praise. Through service, Haier supports the market and deepens the global implementation of its brand. In the future, Haier service will be committed to creating the first smart service manager entrepreneurship platform in the Internet of things era, and build the service into a contact platform with breadth and depth, so as to realize the construction of Haier contact network and transform customers into users and lifelong users.

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