On this special day of International Wowen's Day, the man of Russia warmed us!

Traffic policeman of Russia purposefully check female drivers today. They pretend to check the car first, but actually they send drivers flowers.

In this romantic and vibrant country, Haier Russian Refrigerator Factory ushered in March 8th, its third International Women's Day. With the efforts of all the staff of Russian Refrigerator Factory, we also witnessed the offline of Russia's 500,000 and the world's second 100 million refrigerator.

The female employees in the Russian refrigerator factory account for 48% of the total number. Russia attaches great importance to Women's Day, even more than Valentine's Day and Christmas. Before or on the day, President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev and other dignitaries will give congratulations. Women can all receive blessings and gifts from men, from old lady to little girl, in Russia. March 8 is the happiest day for Russian women.

In Russian refrigerator factories, male employees came to work in advance and sent their best wishes to female employees on the morning of March 7.

No matter where you are, Haier will accompany you and send sincere wishes and warmest memories to you, for the better life of users and all entrepreneurs .

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