March 12, 2019 - Shanghai - Tonight, Haier has transferred CCTV's "Challenge the Impossibile" to Shanghai. Haier Overseas High-end Brand Experience Journey and Challenging Night started at 18:00 at Shangri-La Hotel in Pudong. Haier washing machine balance challenging, Haier refrigerators extreme fresh challenging, Haier air conditioning rapid purification challenging are all successfully completed!

Global Brand Leading, High-end Win-win

In the past 34 years, Haier has been moving forward to meet each user demand with technological innovation: from reinventing drums, to aerospace-level extreme freshness preservation, to extreme air purification, in order to create a better life, Haier has made unremitting efforts and constantly challenged impossibilities with innovative technology.

Ultimate Balancing:
Skewed Goblet and Coins Stand Still on Haier Washing Machine

Challenging Rule: The challenger tilts a washing machine in dehydration mode in a balancing device without any support, and places a goblet and a coin on it, keeping the coin upright for 10 seconds.

Challenger: Tian Rui, Chinese Balanced Artist

Principle analysis: High-speed operation is necessary when washing dehydration process is running, and will inevitably produce vibration, causing the greatest noise. The Haier washing machine in the challenge can control noise under 65 db by using FPA direct motion inverter motor. The world-leading stability and silence provide users with perfect experience.

Rapid Preservation:
Haier Refrigerator Keeps Strawberries Fresh as New after 7 Days

Challenging Rule: There are 100 photos of fresh strawberry cells in the scene. The experimenters extracted cells from strawberries that have been stored in Haier refrigerator for 7 days and made a picture on stage, then replaced one of the 100 photos randomly. Memory Master Challenger observes and finds this picture in 10 minutes.

Challenger: Huang Shenghua, Asian Graphic Memory Artist

Principle Analysis: Haier refrigerator keeps cells almost unchanged. Sliced strawberries can be so fresh duing to MSA oxygen-controlled fresh-keeping technology, which has gone through 10 years of research and development, with 84 patents. It makes an extremely balance of nitrogen and oxygen separation technology to keep food stored longer.

Rapid purification:
Haier Air Conditioner Clears up Fog and Haze in 1 Minute

Challenging Rule: Haier purifying air conditioner and the magician are separately enclosed in two separate spaces, conditioner’s full of smoke, PM2.5 seriously exceeded the standard, and magician's full of water. There are 10 identical keys in the water tank, but only one key can open it. Within 60 seconds, Haier air conditioner cleared up all the smoke in the closed space, and the challenger successfully unlocked and escaped from the water.

Challenger: Zhang Ruining, the First Person of China's Extreme Escape

Principle analysis: Haier purifying air conditioner is equipped with intelligent air detection system. When PM2.5 indoor exceeds the standard, the indicator lights will turn red and send alarms to users. At the same time, it is equipped with the international leading IFD purification module, which absorbs dust in the air through static electricity and precise filter mesh. It can adjust the air temperature as well as purify the whole air quickly and efficiently.

In the confrontation between human beings and technology, there is no absolute winner. Human beings and science and technology are always mutually successful. Just like Haier and our life, every challenge, innovation and extreme demanding are all Haier's practice of "user-centered". Haier challenges the impossibilities tonight, but it brings new possibilities of home. In 2019, Haier will work with you to create new possibilities for the better life of global users. Let’s create the win-win situation. Sincere forever.

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