SHANGHAI, Mar. 13th, 2019 -- The global leading home appliance brand Haier Home Appliance, hereinafter referred to as “Haier”, will hold its Global Brand Forum ahead of the 2019 Appliances & Electronics World Expo (AWE 2019) in Shanghai, China, where it will bring together its six major sub-brands(Casarte, Leader, GEA, AQUA, CANDY, Fisher&Paykel) in a review of the past year’s achievements and define its global strategy moving forward.

7 Brands Release the Full Set of Smart Home Appliances

1.During the event, Haier unveils the comprehensive Smart Home Solution from its Haier, Casarte, and Leader brands, in addition to the achievements of its brand ecosystems. Additionally, it will provide further insight into its multi-brand smart home strategy, which is anchored in seven brands, three core user value propositions, and five primary deployment capabilities.

2.GE Appliances-Professional Smart Kitchen for North American

3.Fisher & Paykel Social Kitchen

4. AQUA Smart Community Laundry

5. Candy Connected Home Appliances

From the Brand Globalization to the Life Style as the Core of the Eco-brand Globalization

“Haier has officially launched its global Smart Home Solution push,” said Wang Ye, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Home of Haier Home Appliance Industry Group. “Thanks to our proprietary innovations and brand-building, as well as key acquisitions and localization successes, Haier is creating the world’s first extended home appliance brand family. The seven brands that make up our overall portfolio target various consumer segments in different markets,ensuring a full geographic and demographic coverage. As we continue on our path of global expansion, Haier will sharpen the unique positioning of each brand, so that they become popular and beloved brands in the markets in which they operate.”

Smart Home Solution in Overseas Market

Haier overseas transformation in 2018 was recognited globally--Haier is consecutive 10 years the number one brand globally major appliances from 2009-2018,Qingdao Haier, a subsidiary of Haier Group,was recently named one of Fortune’s most admired companies in the word for 2018(and is the only appliance company from Asia to receive this award),Haier ranked Top3 among all Chinese brands(the only IoT eco-brand listed globally), GEA listed as No.1 major appliances movers and shakers in 2018 by TWICE.

Haier has already established three major platforms in its smart home business – the smart home sector’s first IoT platform U+, the first IoT social app, and the world’s first industrial Internet platform COSMOPlat. This has built up a robust foundation for its world-leading smart home ecosystem and brand portfolio, ensuring that Haier continues to deliver innovative smart home experiences and devices to users.

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