On March 13, 2019 Haier Global Outstanding Promoters Conference was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, Haier’s Transformation Performance in 2018, R&D innovation cases and quality assurance information were shared, and an overseas E-Learning mobile learning system was released. In addition to the transformation and upgrading of terminal interaction casestudy of Haier China market, as well as refrigerators, washing machines and household air-conditioners, speakers from India, Pakistan, France, and Russia also shared the cases of local outstanding promoters. Haier has made major breakthrough in the overseas market through interaction with width, depth and tempurature. To ensure the best experience for every user in the world through differentiated upgrade services, Haier keeps promoting global brand building and achieving zero distance with users.

This conference has also confirmed the promoter’s value and contribution to enterprises and encourage them to practice excellent models after their return journey.

Retail & Service Transformation Model of Haier China

Upgrading of Terminal Operating Mode of Refrigerator, Washing Machine and Household Air Conditioning

In China, user interaction is no longer confined to exclusive stores. Staff members enter residential areas, schools, beauty shops and other places, use professional technical principles to deepen user experience, transform the process of sales into user interaction, and increase user stickiness through service upgrading. They also achieve ecological income through the form of "alliance across industry borders".

India: Enhancing Terminal Interaction Initiative through Systematic Management

Based on the systematic management, Haier India pays attention to recruitment, training, monitoring and incentive, and achieves the improvement of ISD productivity as well as ISD. Based on Haier marketing intelligent system, it pays attention to training, exhibition, activities and incentives.

Pakistan: Retail Transition, Training First, and Market Leading

Training mode innovation: from a single centralized training session for dealer salesman to a training mode of centralized in-store training and daily training, training session supplemented. Centralized in-store training not only demonstrates and experiences on site, but also facilitates convening and saves costs. Systematization of training content: The training content for internal and external distributors includes store layout standard, in-store display standard, product knowledge, product demonstration standard, activity execution training, etc. It covers all the normative content of market terminal.

France: Make a thorough model channel, optimize training mode, and promote high-end transformation

From sell-in to sell-out, we pursue a win-win with the channel. In 2019, we plan to replicate 75 model stores in three major channels. Establish experience stores in Europe's largest business district to invite users to experience high-end and differentiated products. Use limited resources to expand a variety of training tools to accelerate terminal transformation and systematic training. At the same time, build booths by cooperating with various channels.

Russia: Systematization of Training and Efficient Incentive Mechanism

In Russia, Haier fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of Russian salesmen through online and offline training and accurate matching of CRM system, using social network and efficient incentive mechanism. By 2019, there will be 186 color TV promoters, 1074 white TV promoters and 32 supervisors and managers in Haier Russia to provide satisfactory services to users.

After the sharing, Haier Overseas E-learning System was released, further enhancing the terminal sales techniques and interactions. The conference also awarded 6 awards, including Terminal Leading Award, Terminal Operation Award and Terminal Experience Award, Training Pioneer Award, Model Innovation Award, Retail Pioneer Award, in recognition of their great contributions in the past, and to encourage small and micro teams around the world to learn and make further efforts to provide users with the best service.

Terminal Leading Award

(Abandoning traditional sales model, exploring transformation model. Paying due attention to product training, achieving training systematism. Improving the achievement of first market share in the local market.

Terminal Operation Award
India Russia

(Through the operation upgrade of recuitment, training & incentive, promoting the big increase of sales results.

Terminal Experience Award

(Building Haier one-stop lifestyle showroom, deeping user interaction & experience, promoting the brand-leading process of Haier in the local market.

Training Pioneer Award
Philippines Italy

(Product-centered, training first. They pay due attention to training. They are pioneers. They must be better and better in the future.

Model Innovation Award

(Focusing on the key channel, exploring various training models, win-win in hands.

Retail Pioneer Award
Thailand Vietnam Poland Britain Japan Korea Iraq

(Floor is their stage. They pay due attention to product learning positive to their daily work. Achieving remarkable sales results.

Under the guidance of the “Rendanheyi” model, Haier insists on creating brand, deepening user interaction, and promoting the global landing of terminal transformation.

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