The trees flourish everywhere, and the spring breeze brings joy and good news.

On March 15-19,2019, the Key Accounts (Distributors) from Indonesia successively visited domestic terminal stores, Haier Innovation Life Exhibition, Haier Culture Exhibition, Haier Huangdao Refrigerator Factory, Sino-German washing machine interconnection factory and Haier Air Conditioning Jiaozhou Factory, accompanied by Indonesian market micro-enterprises.

2019 is the key year for the transformation of Indonesia's small and micro terminal retail business. The invited customers are mainly the modern and Semi-modern retail channels. When visiting terminal stores, customers said that the image of Cassati terminal stores is worth their local learning, and they would like to try to copy it to local stores together with trading companies.

On March 16, the Indonesian customers successively visited Haier Refrigerator Factory, washing machine interconnection factory and Air Conditioning Factory, and highly evaluated Haier's production and manufacturing level.

The global refrigerator factory industry and layout of Haier business department as well as the equipment, production capacity and manufacturing capacity of the second business department are introduced. Then they introduce to the customers the previous process preparation, final assembly on-line, packaging off-line and on-site management in detail in the production workshop,and won the customer's high recognition for the advanced manufacturing and production management ability of Haier refrigerator factory.

Receptionists of washing machine interconnection factory business department introduced the layout and development of Haier interconnection factory and the leading production level and technology of Haier under industrial 4.0.Then they visited the exhibition hall for the specific application of COSMOPLAT in various fields.Haier intelligent customization system was explained in detail from user participation to the whole process of project establishment, development, production and delivery. The whole process display of washing machine products ranging from laundry to clothes protection, as well as the traceability and control of the whole process wins the customers high evaluation and incredibility.Then they visited the fully automated box storage warehouse, the laser inner barrel production line, and the contrast videos of several production nodes before and after the Haier interconnected factory, which were not only better than the previous non-interconnected factories, but also much better than the ones they had visited before. When they knew that the Indonesian drum products would be manufactured in this connected factory, they expressed more confidence in the design, quality and sales of the products.

The visit was led by Li Chunliang, president of Haier Air Conditioning Jiaozhou business department. This is another important measure to strengthen the alliance between Indonesia's small and micro enterprises and Jiaozhou Haier Air Conditioning Jiaozhou Factory under the group strategy of adhering to putting users first. Haier Air Conditioning Jiaozhou Business Department introduced the global industry and layout of Haier Air Conditioning Factories. Focusing on the guidelines set by the Group's brand-building, we have developed precise air solutions for the different customers’ demands in different regions.

In 2019, the Haier Trading Company of Indonesia achieved a double-digit increase in cumulative sales revenue and profits from January to February, both exceeding double-digit growth. 2019 will be another peak year for AQUA of Indonesia. Under the leadership of the Group's three-increase system and three-high policy, Indonesia's air conditioning market will surely create brilliance again!

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