What kind of sparks will come out when SmartHome Appliances meet with Smart Book House?

The DaikanyamaT-Site belongs to the Culture Convenience Club (CCX), the largest chain bookstore in Japan. Beside books, the T-Site also provides CD, cultural innovation products and a coffee shop, which makes it a comprehensive space forcultural lifestyle combining the functions of home, office and business area. Close to the Umeda Station, the "Star Book House" never lacks visitors. On average, it receives about 10,000 visitors per workday and 15,000 on weekends.

Young! New Generation of Customers Targeted

In March and April each year, college graduates in Japan leave their family and enter the society to start a new life. Haier Japan chooses to work with DaikanyamaT-Site which features lifestyle experience, so as to open its arms to the young generation.

In DaikanyamaT-Site, Haier exhibited the whole set of URBAN CAFÉ SERIES products designed for the young to the single nobles that are about to graduate from college; and prepared medium-sized products for married couples.

Happy! Scenarized Community Experience Provided

Secret Guest – On February 17, Watanabe Youko, a famous gourmet in Japan joined the event. She cooked delicious food with Haier’s kitchen appliances, enabling the attendees to taste the food and enjoy the experience of an exquisite lifestyle.

Snapshot of a Warm Moment – Among all the visitors, there was a mother selecting home appliance products for her daughter who is going to Hyôgo-ken to work. The mother and her daughter were deeply impressed by the appearance and practical functions of the URBAN CAFÉ SERIES products, and eventually paid for a three-piece suit including an induction cooker.

Open! Zero-Distance Interaction Realized

The offline user interaction event was the first one for Haier to exhibit its products in Osaka. Entrepreneurs of Haier Japan took this opportunity to carry out offline research.

The one-week event attracted over 2000 customers and collected more than 250 valid questionnaires in total, providing valuable first-hand information for the future focus of Haier. Besides, it realized joint innovation and mutual benefits with the third party - the BIC channel.

Next, Haier Japan will organize a flash mob activity in Tokyo in March. What new fashion will it bring after the “Mix&Match Style” for the young? Let’s wait and see!

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