Russia washing machine factory team overcame the cold weather in winter; planned inadvance, completed capping in December and concrete pouring in March, and achieved the milestone targets, effectively ensured trial production in July and the opening in August. Russian washing machine factory project officially transited from construction to operation period.

Shastina Marina, Head of AD from Haier's Russian washing machine factory, speaks fluent Mandarin. In March, Marina sent an email in Chinese and an English contribution to the Biweekly editorial office, telling the story of the construction of the Haier Russian Industrial Park, especially the washing machine factory project in winter. Let's follow Marina's words and breath-taking photos to understand and experience the stories of Russian entrepreneurs at the front line of construction.

In May 2018, the construction of the Haier industrial park in Russia was officially launched. The park will be located in the industrial part of Naberezhnye Chelny, the total surface area of the site is 127 hectares. The first phase of the project is the construction of a plant for the production of drum-type washing machines, which is scheduled to be put into operation in the summer of 2019.

The chosen construction company has completed work on the foundations, the reinforced concrete, and metal frame, as well as the building envelope so far, and has begun work on the construction of internal engineering networks.

Developers and contractors in Russia usually try to decrease the several types of work performed in winter. Many believe that the cold - not the best period for construction and development. The most obvious drawback, well understood even by people far from the construction site, is more difficult to perform the work in the cold. You need to worry about keeping warm and at the same time it should be suitable clothes, as for example, thick gloves should not only provide protection from the cold but also not affect the quality of the work.

However, the staff of the Haier team is professionals in the building and construction prove the opposite of doing their hard daily job. It turns out that winter construction has not only disadvantages but also advantages. The mayor of Cherny, who took the initiative to visit and support the project, was deeply impressed by the speed of haier's work.

An example that allowed not only continue the work in the cold period of the year but also speeding up the process is the use of electrical heating and special additives for concrete when constructing a reinforced concrete frame of a three-story administrative building. Such events are universally used both abroad and in Russia, where cold winters predominate and construction is conducted year-round. The general contractor prepared all the necessary measures and equipment for safe and high-quality work during the winter on time is one of the factors made it possible to perform a great job with minimal risk in quality.

The qualifications and expertise, as well as the perseverance of the team of the washing machine plant in Russia, is an excellent example of teamwork. The unity of purpose of all employees is the basis and the key point to the success of any project.

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