On March 31, Haier UK and Candy Hoover* take the lead to achieve service integration. With the stong service network of Candy Hoover, we will have a stronger service team and service system in the UK. After the integration, the time efficiency of door-to-door visiting will be increased by 50% and the cost will be reduced by 60%. It will lay a solid foundation of Haier UK’s localized landing of premium transformation.

The successful service integration of Haier and Candy in the UK is prominent. The integrated organization will continue to expand its ecological services and enhance its profitability, and adhere to Haier's service strategy of branding service, professional service, service and quality integration to enhance user viscosity and create lifelong users.

Andy, Service Director of Candy UK, said: “It is very important for Candy Hoover team to get a deeper understanding of Haier. We are on the same page regarding providing the best service to user and keep zerodistance with users.

At the same time, Haier Europe is also fully integrated in the telephone center, spare parts warehouse, and service network and information system. It is expected to be completed in September 2019, bringing a full process upgrade experience for European users.

Hoover is the premium brand in the Candy brand family

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