On March 25, 2019, an activity “Mother's food is most delicious” was held to celebrating the Palestinian mothers on the Mother’s Day through a food competition in Nablus, 50 participants among 5 different dishes, also more than twenty of the best chefs in the country evaluate the participants dishes. Governor and governerat of Nablus, members of the parliment council and representatives of party showed their official attendance. Haier built a handy kitchen for Palestinian mothers during the event, and the blue logo of Haier was imprinted distinctly on their aprons.

This event was broadcasted on the Palestinian official television channels, and has been covered by the most important Palestinian news agencies such as Wafa, Ma'an, and Dunia Al Watan. Foreign media agencies such as Reuters and Associated Press have attended the event. 40 Palestinian social media pages have written about the event on their Facebook pages. The published video got more than 345,000 views.

Mr. RAMADAN, the mayor, expressed that, we were very grateful for Haier's support. Haier's high-end household appliances helped us to keep our food materials more fresh, guaranteed the favour of the dishes, keeps the mother's favour. We hoped Haier would keep more happiness moment to the Palestinian users.

NAKACHE won the competition and prize of 1000nis. She said excitedly that she was very happy to win the support of the judges. I think this can not be separated from Haier products, especially the fresh-keeping function of the four-door refrigerator, which is quite impressive. I used to hear about Haier's products, but it is better to see than hear. I think I'll be a big fan of Haier.

The Palestinian market is just a microcosm of the localization of Israel's micro-enterprises. With the goal of brand-leading, Israel's target budget completion rate achieved 113% in Q1, with an increase of 21% over the same period last year. Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model, Haier will continue to root deepen in the needs of local users and provide them with solutions for a better life.

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