On March 27th 2019, a high ranking team of Haier Croatia official Haier AC distributor and his dealers, local designers from Bosnia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, visited Haier headquarters in Qingdao. The delegation visited Haier exhibition hall, Haier University, R&D center, high-drop tower and Haier CAC interconnected Factory, which provide all with an all-round and full-process experience in development history, research and development capability, manufacturing capability and product features.

At the welcome dinner party of Adrian region, Haier AC presented 9 Awards to them, including BEST LOYALTY AWARDS, BEST PROJECT AWARDS and BEST SALES AWARDS. The winners shared their work experience with Haier AC, including one who has worked with Haier for more than 17 years and another who has had a business relationship with Haier AC since his father.

MRV solutions and super convenient installation impressed the visitors,and they are very interested in the CAC interconnected factory and the Haier AC exhibition hall. Mr. A said: "The trip to Qingdao enables us to have a clear understanding of the strength of Haier air conditioning, confirms our faith in bringing Haier brand higher. We firmly believe that next year Haier air conditioner will achieve better results in Adrian region!

At present, Haier AC has established many reference projects in Adrian Region, ranging from villas, shopping mall, hotel and other industries.We are sure team of Ardian region will learn more for Haier and bring the confidence to local team. With full solution of Haier HVAC products and professional team, Haier AC is confident that we will be No 1 in Ardian region in follow three years.

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