On April 8, a group of 17 key entrepreneurs from the under construction washing machine factory in Russia arrived in Qingdao Haier Industrial Park for a three-week exchange training. During this period, they will have an in-depth understanding of Haier's history and culture, and interact with colleagues who working on the R&D, manufacture and quality control. The launching ceremony was held at Huangdao Drum Washing Machine Factory.

The microenterprises backbone of the Russian washing machine factory benefited a lot through visiting the Haier Cultural Exhibition. The concept of Rendanheyi is not new for them. Although most of them joined Haier in 2019, under the guidance of local human resource& adminstration department, they have made a lot of discussions about Rendanheyi Model and studied the appropriate Russian translation. Alexey will be the quality manager of the factory, who is deeply moved by CEO Zhang's story of smashing the refrigerator: "This is the story of quality, quality and user experience are closely related. Even if only one of 100 products has a little problem, but for users, it is 100%. I plan to encourage everyone through online and offline training, not just the quality team, call on everybody to pay attention to quality and provide the best products for users.

In R&D center and Huangdao Drum Washing Machine Factory, they had a deep communication with R&D and manufacturing team. The ultra-thin and large capacity drum washing machine customized for Russian and European users fascinated the Russia entrepreneurs. They asked questions about almost each screw in detail and the Qingdao R&D team gave them a comprehensive answer. The life tests and the balance ability of the washing machine at high speed deeply impressed them. The competitiveness of the products makes them confident in their future work and full of expectations for the markets of Russia, Europe and Central Asia.

The purpose of this training is to replicate Haier's advanced production technology and promote the landing of Rendanheyi Model. Haier Russian Laundry machine LLC is the first manufacturing base of washing industry in Europe and Central Asia, which has great strategic significance. The factory is expected to trial produce in July and open in Auguest, their goal is starting production, reaching target output and making profits this year.

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