On March 22, Czech local time, Haier Air Conditioning successfully held a distributor conference in Prague, a beautiful fairy tale city. More than 70 customers from the professional HVAC market attended the conference. They witnessed the launch of new air conditionings and received professional training to deepen their understanding of Haier Air Conditioning products during interaction.

Release of easy instalation products

At this distributors meeting, Haier released matte black/matte white new air conditioning of Flexis series. The distributors showed great concern for the new appearance design, matte black/matte white panel. They said that it was difficult to see such matte design in the market. It was unique and elegant, which made people feel fresh. It created a new fashion for the air conditioning industry.Flexis series is based on the needs and characteristics of professional channels, of which the easy-to-install functional design greatly attracted the distributors. With its excellent and convenient installation features, the product is quite popular among customers especially installers for it saves installation costs and greatly improves installation efficiency. In the on-site demonstration of easy installation, customers recognized the design very much, and Haier Flexis air conditioning will set off a new trend in Czech Republic.

On-site technical training of the products

In order to deepen the understanding of Haier's air-conditioning products of customers and distributors in various channels, product training was conducted on the spot, and new design concept of Flexis new air-conditioning was explained. By watching the demonstration of easy installation process and interactive operation, the distributors quickly learned the installation process of new air-conditioning, which could provide a more comprehensive and three-dimensional understanding of products and a better delivery of the core advantages of Haier air-conditioning to end customers.

Haier Air Conditioning in Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is also the largest city in Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In the beautiful Prague Square, "Haier air conditioning wall" witnesses the indissoluble bond between Haier air conditioning and Prague. In the landmark building of Prague Square, because of its superior geographical location, the top floor area has an all-glass open view of the whole square with. In this place, which is used to receive VIPs and high-end consumer groups, six Haier Dijuan air conditioners are installed next to the six pillar buildings on the top floor, which are integrated with the overall style. In 2019, under the guidance of Haier Air Conditioning Headquarters and the close cooperation of various channels and distributors in Czech Republic, Haier Air Conditioning is bound to develop steadily in Czech Republic and continue to grow, winning the favor of more Czech consumers.

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