The 125th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) officially opened on the Zhujiang River at 9 a.m. on April 15. In Hall 3.2, the dazzling LED screen forms a "window of the world" to welcome exhibitors and buyers from all over the world. Within half an hour, the bustling crowds filled every corner of the exhibition area, and many businessmen on the second floor had begun to negotiate and cooperate. It is a world-class high-end technology product in Haier Exhibition Area that attracts the attention of customers from all over the world. For example, the industry's first dry-wet storage refrigerator, the world's first barrelless washing machine, the industry's first fresh air self-cleaning air conditioning, the industry's first cell-level freezer, and so on.

In the exhibition area of washing machine, a washing machine of "up-drying and down-washing" has aroused people's attention. This washing machine can achieve four-in-one cleaning scheme of air washing, water washing, heat pump drying 10kg and heat pump drying 7kg , which can replace four normal washing machine. "Haier is not only a world brand to me, but also a local brand. Haier washing machine is very popular in Russia, where you can see Haier's stores and factories," a Russian businessman told reporters. This is the portrayal of Haier's three-in-one localization strategy of "localization research and development, localization production and localization marketing" in the world. Haier is "stateless" to the world, not only "made in China", but also "made in America", "made in Russia", "made in Thailand", "made in India"... Haier has created a truly global brand through global research and development and global production.

Haier has the largest team of designers, that is, the global users: under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model, Haier and users are co-creating relationships, and provides users with personalized household appliances services through perceiving user needs. Driven by the needs of global users, Haier has made localized innovations based on the global layout. For example, in Pakistan, Haier has developed a freezer of " 100-hour freezing under power outage"; in India, Haier has developed a "non-bending refrigerator"; in Nigeria, Haier has a kind of air conditioning for all types of generators, providing cooling for users in places where unified power supply is impossible. Haier is in the process of transformation and iteration from 10 consecutive crowns of household appliances brand to NO.1 of ecological brand.

In 1988, Haier participated in the Canton Fair for the first time, and opened the door of the world with two refrigerators in the exhibition area covering less than 5 square meters. Since then, the world stage of Canton Fair has witnessed Haier moving from China to the world, and the upgrading of Haier from exporting brand to exporting smart home ecological brand around the needs of global users, enable the world to witness a different "Haier's stories".

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