For two consecutive year, Haier Europe Service has been awarded one of the special prizes created to enhance the most innovative packaging solutions.

Brugherio (MB), 19 November 2019 – The Service of Haier Europe, Gias S.r.l., won Super Material Award of Conai 2019 Call for Prevention, thanks to the new packaging used for the washing machine tub assembly.

The award was presented to Patrizia Albanese, head of Haier Europe Service Supply Chain at Economy and Future Forum. It is promoted by Italy National Packaging Consortium with the patronage of Italy Ministry of Environment, to reward the most innovative packaging solutions with the least impact on the environment.

It rewards the efforts made by Haier Europe on environmental sustainability and efficiency in the management of logistics and packaging, with the creation of a dedicated team, the 4R Project-Reduction, Recycling, Reuse, Rules, which allowed a 20% increase in the saturation of space in transport and the warehouse.

These 4 indicators have guided the redesign of packaging, achieving extraordinary results in the world of packaging: Gias, after winning the special prize in 2018 for the eco-sustainability awarded to the new packaging for refrigerator gaskets, this year has repeatedly won the Super Material Award.

In detail, the new packaging has made it possible to reduce the use of expanded polystyrene by 90%, the weight of the raw material used by 29%, the number of components and the type of materials used by 20%, from 3 to 2. This reduction in complexity has resulted in a 15% reduction in the average working time for assembling the packaging in the production line.

The benefits, as well as operational and logistical, were also environmental and ecological: the reduction in the number of trucks and the distance of the supplier of raw material to the packaging – reduced from 400 to 35 km – have led to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Winning Conai 2019 Super Material Award not only highlights the strength of Haier Europe Service, also demonstrates that it has made significant contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development in logistics and packaging.

In the future, Haier Europe Service will continue to provide users with ecological services based on the needs of local society.

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