On November 18, 2019, the logos of Haier and AQUA started to lighten up in Shisaibashi.

As Osaka's largest shopping district, shinsaibashi is bustling from morning till night with citizens and tourists. Shinsaibashi attracts averages 200,000 visitors during weekdays and 350,000 on weekends. The LOGO of Haier &AQUA is set in the famous tourist site in shinsaibashi, attracting many tourists to take photos. Sixteen years ago, Haier became the first Chinese company to put up a billboard in Japan. This is the second time that Haier and AQUA have appeared in a Japanese landmark together this year after their twin logos lit up Tokyo's Ginza district in April.

In 2002, Haier got into the world home appliances kingdom - Japan market, under the strategy of “difficult before easy”, with excellent quality and continuous innovation. After 17 years of efforts, Haier &AQUA twin brand operation system has been formed locally, and the compound growth rate of sales from 2002 to 2019 is over 20%. AQUA community laundry has quadrupled the industry and the market share rose from 30% in 2012 to 73% today. Connected device revenue accounted for 14% of the total revenue of the micro enterprise, and ecological revenue has increased multiple times, attracting 8 million users. In the new life season of 2019, Haier &AQUA's total share has reached the first place. Haier and AQUA have gotten into the lives of Japanese users.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the 2025 Osaka expo ongoing, Haier and AQUA's billboard will not only enter the hearts of Japanese users with well-designed life scenarios, but also the heart of 40 million foreign tourists visiting Japan every year.

Haier and AQUA's shining LOGO in shinsaibashi is a manifestation of China's confidence as an international brand. And as a member of the Haier family, AQUA will keep bringing comfortable life experience to users all over the world with the quality originated from Japan.

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