From November 18th to 22nd, Haier Europe held the 3rd Finance Training Conference in Brugherio, which is the first time since Candy joined Haier Europe.

At the training conference, various topics involving IT, Internal Audit and Internal Control, Tax, Legal, Compliance, OTC, Treasury, and Accounting were discussed among over 100 professionals coming from over 23 countries (EU, China, Russia, Argentina).

This Finance Training, born in December 2017, aims to provide an exchange platform for all staff related to share their experience and strengthen their ability. Year after year, there have been more and more attendees to share on more diverse topics.
The Finance Training Conference is a great opportunity for the staff to meet themselves and communicate with each other.
Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, Haier Europe will continue to empower the staff and lay the profound basis for the brand building of Haier in Europe.

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