"Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier", a large-scale theme event for Haier's global users, was initiated by Haier at the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) on April 15.

As its global expansion advances, Haier's products have spread all over the world, with its users worldwide constituting a "big community". Haier will invite global users to participate in this activity and share their smart life. The launching ceremony of the "Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier" event.

Take a picture of Haier to spot the beauty in life

At the launching ceremony, an executive with Haier said that Haier's users, whatever their nationality or language is, can participate in the event by uploading photos or videos featuring Haier products. The event is aimed at allowing more users to see the wonderful changes that Haier has brought to our life.

It is reported that the event will be carried out simultaneously in 160 countries and regions around the world, through which Haier will also make donations to those in need at home and abroad in the name of users.

The launching ceremony of the "Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier" event.

Haier has been developing for 35 years since its establishment in 1984, with its products upgraded and number of users rising continuously. This event is intended to impress its users with the concept: to share moments with Haier is to share life.

It is hoped that this activity will encourage users to spot the delicate but true beauty in their life and by participating in the event, users can also take a break to enjoy life, said the organizer.The poster for the "Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier" event

Trust Haier to start a smart life

As a company that puts user needs first, Haier is committed to creating a better life for its users through the R&D of smart, healthy and innovative products.At the Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2019 (AWE 2019), Haier displayed the latest layout for the globalization of its home appliance brands and highlighted the latest achievements of its "global branding" strategy through its seven major brands, namely Haier, GE Appliances (US), Fisher & Paykel (New Zealand), AQUA (Japan), Casarte, Leader and Candy (Italy).The company's globalization is not about finding OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), but is adhering to independent brand creation, and forming a localized layout integrating design, manufacturing and sales overseas, noted an executive with Haier.

Haier focuses on localization in different countries and regions in its global layout. Through this event, we may see users worldwide share a variety of Hair products, such as refrigerators with fresh cabinet on the top designed for Indian vegetarians, freezers for Saudi users that can prevent food from defrosting even during an up-to-100-hour blackout, efficient and environmentally-friendly single-person washing machines for Japanese male "Otaku", etc.With the continuing iterative upgrades of Haier products, we may even see more novel and unique products shared in the event.

The poster for the "Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier" event.

With the development of science and technology, the world will embrace the era of "smart home". According to a report on China's smart home equipment market, the market scale will reach 357.6 billion yuan by 2020. Against such background, Haier launched its "Smart Home" products globally, which can not only improve the users' experience and quality of life, but also contribute to the development of the global smart home industry.

It is noted that both Haier's official website and Xinhua Silk Road, a national Belt and Road information service platform under Xinhua News Agency, will disclose the ways of participation and rules of photo contribution, and showcase the whole process of the event.The organizer sincerely welcomes the attention and participation of interested users, and hopes that Haier and its users will get closer to each other through this event.

Source:Xinhua News Agency

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