AQUA has created a new freezer--sake cabinet, specially for Japanese to store sake. This sake cabinet can meet the needs with fresh temperature of-5 °C, optimum temperature for sake storage. Besides, the internal design is based on the bottling design of Japanese sake. Although it has not yet officially on the market, it has already triggered a great attention on potential users online and offline.

Nihonbashi is the best area of traditional culture in Tokyo. Every year, a Japanese sake festival is held here, where you can taste the famous sake of all over Japan.On April 13 this year, Sake Cabinet showed up in the Sake festival, which was the first time that other products participate in the Sake festival, and accurately captured the heart of Japanese sake lovers. One of users said on a social platform, "This is a must-have cabinet for people who like Japanese sake, I hope Japanese wine lovers can promote it all over the world!" About 7000 users participated in this offline interaction activity .

This is the first time that AQUA promoted its product through crowd funding in Japan, where this new marketing approach is rare. After Sake Cabinet got on the website, the crowd funding achieved its target. Now Japanese sake lovers will longing to get a Sake Cabinet after it gets on the market.

Guided by the Rendanheyi Model, AQUA will make unremitting endeavor to meet users needs and customize a better life for users around the world.

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