To attract more competitive global best-in-class modular supplier resources and achieve zero-distance interaction between module suppliers and global micro-users, the GSOP and the PSI Smart supply chain team take India's small and global categories as a model, Jointly creating the first self-developed GSOP (Global Sourcing Operation Platform). It was launched during Sept. 20 last year.

"When the platform was launched, our procurement business is more transparent and our suppliers operate more quickly on the platform," said Nilesh, an Indian regional project interface.

The previous supplier search and qualification certification work requires offline collection of supplier information and certification. The process involves seven dimensions of more than ten types of attachment data. The speed is slow, and the information between departments can not be shared at the same time. Through the registration and admission function of GSOP, suppliers can register on-line independently and the information is open to all relevant business nodes, such as procurement, R & D, QA and so on, which greatly shortens the access cycle of suppliers. Up to now, 63 new suppliers have been registered and 12 have successfully completed the access certification process in India, resulting in a 20 percent increase in certification efficiency.

At the same time, R & D personnel of Indian micro-enterprises can release new product needs through the interactive function of new products and world-class suppliers can respond online and provide solutions. Haier demand can not only be more open, but also support on-line zero-distance interaction between suppliers and micro-users of R & D, QA, Quality and other nodes .

At present, the platform has initiated replication preparations in Pakistan, Russia and other regions, and will provide more than 2000 online supplier resources for the above-mentioned regions upon completion of the replication, meeting the local demand for more than 2 million sets of machine products each year. PSI and GSOP will continue to work together to empower and add value to users from overseas regions and support the initiation lead of overseas regions.

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