Since "Haier Snapshot" campaign was launched, it has received a huge number of photos, uploaded by users from all over the world. This time we selected photos from Spain, Nigeria, India and Japan to share with you.

In Spain

Appliances in Parra's home are all Haier's, which inspired her daughter, who likes drawing, to draw a picture of Haier Logo. When they learned about the activity, they immediately uploaded the photo to the front page.

In Nigeria

A Haier-lover from Nigeria put much thought to make an exclusive cover for the activity.

"Haier is a well-recognized Chinese appliances brand in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, and I am very proud to be a member of Haier Group." James Odjim said happily.

In India

Sujit uploaded a photo, choosing Haier India factory as the setting. The photo, named“Haier refrigerator full of Indian style”, amazed users on its good-looking.

Haier refrigerator door is designed specially for Indian users according to their preferences, choosing very colorful designs. Haier refrigerator in India has already designed dozens of patterns. After being scored by the users, refrigerators with orchid, lotus got most likes.

In Japan

A Japanese user uploaded a photo of “Time Traveling”, in which he took a postcard from an old Tokyo Ginza at the current Ginza. We can see that billboards in both scenes are changing, but Haier LOGO remains high.

Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model, Haier integrates global R&D resources based on users' needs, solving users' pain points with original technology. The popularity of snapshot activity provides the best proof of Haier's global recognition.

Activity time is from April 15 to October 31. Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model, Haier gained a great progress on brand building all over the world! Please identify the QR code as following. Record Haier with your love!

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