On April 26, 2019, the night sky was lit by the light logos of Haier and AQUA in Tokyo Ginza, Japan.

Sixteen years ago, Haier became the first Chinese company to put up a billboard in Japan. In the upcoming of the Tokyo Olympic in2020, Haier & AQUA brand will also be lit up at the same time, opening a new page for Haier and AQUA in the Japanese market. During the new life season promotion in 2019, the share of Haier and AQUA, once again, consolidated its first position, with the new life suite of Haier Café achieved a double increase. According to GFK data in 2018, Haier and AQUA brands have achieved a market share of 12% in Japan.

The adventure of Haier and AQUA brand building in Japan is also a reflection of the landing of the Rendanheyi Model in Japan. Rendanheyi Model has been settling down in Japan for 12 years. It will continuously centerson user need and customizes a better life for global users.

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